King's Gate Club Maps and Directions

Directions to KGC

Map of Florida (maps open in their own windows)
Map of the Venice/Nokomis Area to accompany directions to KGC
Map of King's Gate Club

KGC "Blocks"
Where/What is .cc

Tips for Printing

  1. Print the Florida map as a landscape page. (Under File | Print | Properties, select landscape instead of portrait. With Internet Explorer, you can also control this under File | PageSetup)
  2. If an image wraps onto another page, decrease your margins. (Under File | PageSetup)
  3. The map of King's Gate Club is scaled by your browser to, hopefully, fit on one page. If you have trouble printing it, save a copy on your hard drive (under File | SaveAs). Then open the file (kgcmap.gif) from your favorite graphics program -- one which can better scale images to fit on a page. Print it from that program.

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