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Vol. XIII, No. 14 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida April 15, 2000

  Thursday, 20th, North Jetty Picnic
  Thursday, May 5th, Bloodmobile Visit

HEALTHLINE: Ella Heath is still at Heritage House, but is feeling much better. She was scheduled to have eye surgery yesterday.......Vivian Wahrer is home recuperating after having surgery Friday, the 7th. Cards may be sent to 198 Squire Court......Louise Eichenlaub is home and recuperating. They both say thanks to everyone at Kings Gate for all the cards and thoughtfulness......Betty Markoff is home recuperating.

SOLO CLUB DINNER: Meet and eat at MAD SAM'S Grill and Bar, 1375 Beach Rd., Englewood, April 27th at 5:30. Many have asked for a new look. Here it is, new atmosphere, you will like it. Please sign up at the Clubhouse. If you have questions or need a ride, call me, Dick Bartlett, 485-1039. Be sure to wear your nametags.

TENNIS: The Tennis Club will meet at 1:00 in the Billiards Room on Monday, April 17 to review the season now drawing to a close and to discuss other activities as necessary. All interested residents are invited. --Jack Scott.

COMPUTER Club: A reminder to keep Nip informed of any change of your e-mail. Newsletters starting May 6th will be sent by Nip to all addresses on record. The proposed Web Page ( when approved will be under construction for several months. Hopefully, the Newsletter will be one of the first pieces of information posted on this page. Please DO NOT expect this Web Page to be operational immediately. Much work is required, be patient. ---Nip.

KGC TRAVEL: KGC Ladies to Key West. Yes, the Key West tour with Legendary Journeys, November 7-10 will be for Ladies Only. To date' (Wed) have 10 booked, 4 committed, and need minimum of 6 more for the bus to come into KGC. Come ladies, partner up and don't miss the (annual???) event.......For those KGC travelers wanting a January cruise (other than the : Rose Parade and Cruise) VIP recommends Holland America 10-day cruise January 16-26 on Volendam from Ft. Lauderdale. Four KG residents already signed......"Beauty and the Beast" at B. Mann theater Ft. Myers, January 25.,, 2001 now on sale for. $92, bus, show, dinner, and tips. --See Nip & Jackie Barker.

CONGRATULATIONS:Thank you everyone for recycling your cans. Our recycling crew took a load of them to the depot and returned with $361!!! That's a record.

NORTH JETTY PICNIC: The next one is Thursday, April 20, at the North Jetty Pavilion. We will meet at 5 PM and eat at 6 PM. Then it's off to the beach for a look at the sun going down over the gulf. Bring' your dinner service, a beverage, and a dish to share. The County has given KGC three extra reservations free, in addition to the three owed us due to problems in the use of the pavilion that we have encountered the past three times. We expect no further inconvenience to us in the reservations at the pavilion. See you at the Jetty on the 20th. -Jan and Lolly.

NEW OWNERS: Welcome to Kings Gate Club

Victoria and Michele Catalano (daughters of Sally Kelly) purchased the home at 180 Princess Ave. from their Mother's estate and are now permanent residents, although they have been living here for some time. Telephone: 485-3925.

Roland and Gloria Carey from Frederick, MD. have purchased 107 King Arthur Drive. Temporary telephone, 488-8319.

Joern (John) Bredfeldt from Nokomis has purchased 38 King Arthur Drive.

John (Jack) and Mary (Sandy) Veneman from Bradenton, Fla.have purchased 83 King Arthur Drive. Telephone, 412-1382.

Howard and Dorothy Woodward current owners at 212 Princess Avenue have purchased 153 Duchess Ave. Telephone, 484-7604.

We wish all of you many happy years at Kings Gate Club!

APPRECIATION DAY: Thanks to the Round Table Committee for furnishing flowers, coffee and goodies last Saturday. Many thanks to all the chairpersons, committees, and workers during this past season. It was so nice to have a greeting line to welcome us as we arrived at the clubhouse. A nice gesture - We all enjoyed it.

RECIPE: Another recipe from the WG (Wellness Group):

Mix together and chill. Calories 330, total fat 1.6 gm, Sat. fat 0 gr., Cholesterol 93.6mg, sodium 1686 mg., Calories from fats, 4%. Enjoy.

THOUGHTS: As activities start to "wind down" somewhat, we can look back on another pleasant, successful year at Kings Gate Club. Many people have worked very hard and long to make things "happen." If you know someone who has worked extra hard for US, do stop and thank them. It takes the combined efforts of many to make Kings Gate Club so successful! --SJB.

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