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Vol. III, No.15 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida April 22, 2000

HEALTHLINE: Tim Brewer, 291 Avenue of Kings, had a stroke on April 13. He is at home and doing well. No visitors, but cards and prayers are welcome.

THANK YOU: At the Saturday meeting on April 15, we took up a collection for Clothe-a-Child. We collected a total of $675.00. I would like to thank all of the Kings Gaters who always are so generous when there is a need. Could use 3 or 4 volunteers to help who will be here in the first two weeks of August. ---Marion Gladkowski, Chairperson of Clothe-a-child

ORCHIDS to Sandy McIntyre for all her work in getting our new Club phone books ready. They are super! If you have not yet received your new telephone directory, fill out your Information Sheet and see Joyce in the office. Additional copies are $2.00 each. --Thanks, Sandy

WELCOME COMMITTEE: Ann Kellum will chair this committee for the summer, She says she needs people to help her during the summer. Please volunteer!

KGC TRAVEL: The KGC Ladies Only trip to Key West on November 7th is almost there. Stands at 18 and need two more ladies to get the bus to come into KGC. So, ladies, do some selling and get another couple of gals. Maybe someone knows of a friend that has already gone north that would want to go. Give them a call and let them know about it. If you have someone outside KGC that would want to go, ask them. The more the merrier!! If there are still ladies that do not have roommates - ask - we may have someone that is looking for a roommate also. --Nip & Jackie Barker

THOUGHTS: On Tuesday, my cousin Judy (visiting us from Wisconsin) was riding Fred's bike and was headed over to drop off some trash. As she arrived there, she fell-HARD. Fortunately, Brian Henderson arrived there at the same time by auto and immediately came over to assist her. He brought her, and the bike, home. Another lady, unidentified, was also there and did not leave until she was sure that she could not help. Judy would never have been able to walk back to our place with her badly bruised, bleeding arm - and a broken foot. Thanks, Brian, for your help! This is just another example of our KGC residents, and how they are always ready to be of help. --SJB

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