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News The only man to ever get his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.

Vol. XIII, No. 18 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida May 13, 2000

HEALTHLINE: Warren Lambacher, 304 Avenue of Dukes, was admitted to the hospital Wed., 3rd. Heīs home now recuperating. Virginia expresses her appreciation for the many calls and concern of all the neighbors and friends.

CONDOLENCES to the Mackas family in the death in a nursing home of Paulineīs mother. Pauline and Val left the 10th. Sympathy cards may be sent to their home address.
We extend our sympathy to Elner Mann and family on the death of her husband, Kenneth, who died Saturday, the 6th, in Harrisburg, PA. Cards may be sent to Elner at 3104 Duke Street, Harrisburg, PA.

SOLO CLUB will meet and eat May 25th, 5:30, at Steak and Ale Restaurant, 4034 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. If you have any questions or need a ride, call Dick Bartlett, 485-1039. Please sign up in the Clubhouse and put your name tag by the door now.

FOOD PANTRY collection totals on May 6th were 167 items and $96.00 in cash. 161 additional items left in the collection box during April were taken to the pantry. Thank you for your generosity. The pantry needs summer volunteers! This is not a ladies only activity—you fellows are needed and welcome. If you can spare three hours once a month, please talk to me or one of our other volunteers. It is very rewarding and interesting working in the community.
                                                                       —–Joan Aubry

MEMORIAL DAY POTLUCK:  Festivities will begin about 4 pm. Come and enjoy the day before 4 pm. The Patio should be a nice place to gather. We may have some pool and other games. There will be snacks and punch. Bring your own favorite beverage. NO GLASS on the Patio, NO NOTHING in the pool area. We will eat about 5 pm. The grill cooks should have Hotdogs, Bratwurst, and limited Hamburgers for your enjoyment. Of course you bring your favorite dish to share (to feed at least 12 persons). If anyone has some fish in their freezer, bring it to Nip and he will fry up whatever fish is donated. Should be a fine day. Tickets will be available starting today to May 27th. We are asking for a DONATION to cover additional costs (think $1 or more). —–Nip Barker

ENJOY!  The Jacaranda Trees are beginning to blossom by our reverse osmosis water plant near the corner of Castle and Avenue of Kings. This is the first year we have had flowers from this group of the Jacaranda Trees, which were planted in March, 1996 (one was replaced in 1997).

CHILDRENīS BICYCLES:  These have been a popular item to borrow from our “Loanable Equipment” this season. We only have five of them however, and they are beginning to wear out. If you find that any of your grandchildren up north are out growing their small bikes, would you see if you could bring them back to KGC to replace some of ours? Our young guests enjoy using them while they are here.
                                       Thanks, Dick Phillips, Chairman, Loanable Equipment.

In hopes of better communicating the activities of the “RTEC,” I will occasionally write this update for you.

The yearly Audit report conducted by Ketch Morrell and Hank Baxter this year was accepted. Upon recommendation of the auditors, the Treasurer was in need of $100 in petty cash during the “Fair Month of March.” Hank and Ketch commended Patty on her outstanding work as Treasurer. The committee voted to approve this recommendation.

Dick Phillips, Chairman of Loanable Equipment discussed the Loanable Equipment storage for Bikes. We agreed that the childrenīs bikes were very well used and should be maintained and replaced. As to the storage, as it is for now, Dick will continue study on this storage.

A letter was received from Ketch Morrell advising us that his committee investigating the possible Defibrillator Program will resume in the Fall. This will allow the committee members time to continue investigating the details of running an appropriate program for Kings Gate by visiting other parks, etc.

We voted to treat Mothers to coffee and Donuts at the Saturday Meeting prior to Motherīs Day, and treat Fathers prior to Fatherīs Day.

The summer Luncheons were discussed. Joann Lemonds will arrange for the first one in June. A volunteer to chair these luncheons will be asked for at each subsequent luncheon. These luncheons will be extended to Women as well as Men.

Lois Dievendorf advised us that the coffee supply is adequate for the summer. She agreed to start the Saturday coffee pots early until Tim Brewer is able again.

Questions were raised about members and purpose of the newly formed Standing Committee. This Standing Committee was formed to pursue our Recreational Facility needs with site plans and costs for future improvements. Chuck McIntyre is Chairman of this committee.

The Summer Schedule for chairpersons at Saturday a.m. meetings is as follows:
       June 10 — Patty Ray
       June 17 — Marion Gladkowski
       June 24 — Gigi Conway
       July 1    — Gigi Conway
 July-August — Marion Gladkowski

Since February the following groups have been provided with extra funds to promote King's Gate Round Table activities:
     1) DVD purchased for Movies, etc. at Clubhouse – $300
     2) Website Development for Kings Gate Computer Group — $250
     3) Keyboard Group – Keyboard Stands — $350
     4) Bench for resting walkers on Castle Drive — $300

Executive Meetings will resume in October unless necessary during the summer.

              Happy Summer Y-All from the “RTEC.
                                                                                   —– Gigi Conway, Chairperson

ORCHIDS  Bunch of orchids to Wayne Anderson for the terrific job he is doing in keeping us up to date on Channel 55.

NEWSLETTER:  Last summer we had to discontinue the Newsletter for lack of news items. If you or the Kingīs Gaters up North have interesting things happening to you, write and let us know, so we can keep the Newsletter going. Letters can be mailed to either:

           Art Carlson                  or          Mary Brewer
           137 Camelot Drive                    291 Avenue of Kings
           Nokomis, FL 34275                   Nokomis, FL 34275

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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