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Vol. XIII, No. 25 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 1, 2000

THANK YOU:    Thank you to all the wonderful people of King's Gate Club for your many cards of condolence on the recent death of our sister and sister-in-law.     —–Joe and Judy Spears

ICE CREAM SOCIAL:    We will have one two weeks from tomorrow, Sunday, the 16th, from one to three pm.   Make your own sundae with “all the ‘fixin“s.“”   Donations accepted.     —–Lois ’D’

ELECTION:    On Monday, July 17, 2000, David A. Bennett, Sarasota County School Superintendent, and Caroline Zucker, Chair of the School Board, and Velton Hodges, President of the Teachers Union will be guest speakers at the Quarterly meeting of the Nokomis area civic Association from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM – Nokomis Community Center on Nippino Trail.   The subject is the tax referendum vote the following day, July 18.   A Yes vote will cost the average taxpayer $100 per year for the next two years, but continue to provide our children with an excellent education and continue toward making Sarasota public schools competitive with some of the nation“s finest.   A No vote will require larger class sizes, a cutback in the number of teachers and other cost cutting which will result in reverting to an average education for our students.

       I have just returned from my first ice skating lesson, and so far remain unbroken.   Life is good in retirement!
       The words, “thank you” do not seem quite large enough to express the appreciation I feel for the wonderful send-off party and the very lovely engraved clock.   The clock resides in a prominent place on my desk and will always be a reminder of fond memories of my years at King“s Gate Club.
       And the cards . . . . They drew some tears for sure.   I am most grateful for your kind and touching words.
       I wish you all good health and as much happiness as you can possibly handle.   YOU ARE THE BEST!
                                                                     Thanks,   Joyce Parry       June 2000

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