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Vol. XIII, No. 28 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 22, 2000

HEALTH LINE:    Ginny Henry (211 Castle Dr.) is doing well after her surgery.   She has moved to Room 266 or 267 on the Therapy floor.   Cards may be sent to 211 Castle Dr.     Gladys Richter (32 Castle Dr.) dislocated her hip and was taken by car to Englewood Hospital Wednesday.   No surgery was necessary.   She was brought home the same day.   Ruth Hedegore (91 King Arthur Dr.) was taken to Bon Secours Hospital where she will be under observation for three days and may then be admitted to a nursing facility.   Prayers and cards would be appreciated.   Betty Craig (260 Camelot Dr.) e-mailed me that she was at home recuperating from surgery.    Betty is tired of taking it easy but has to for now.    E-Mail from Ketch Morrell: “I had two illnesses, a cardiac angiogram with insertion of a stent, and an unrelated second problem, i.e., a pulmonary embolus. I am doing well so far.”   If the Doctor gives his OK, they will start for Kings Gate the middle of August. That is good news!!!———–Jane Haggerty—480-1655
KGC TOWN MEETING, July 19, 2000     There were 80 people in attendance at the Town Meeting.    Thank you all for coming, for the questions, concerns, comments and your participation.   This was what made our meeting a success.   Thanks to our Board of Directors for having this meeting for our members.    Another one will be held in the fall.

Present:   Two Board Members:   President Peter Havey, and Treasurer, Chuck McIntyre, and Manager, Tom Smith
Also present:   Two RT Officers:   Vice Chairperson Marion Gladkowski and Treasurer Patty Ray.
The meeting will be typed and copies will be available for you in the fall as soon as completed. Also copies will be available for those homeowners returning in the fall. All questions not answered will be answered ASAP by the Round Table or the Board of Directors and the Manager, Tom Smith.
                                          ——Betty Ulbricht, Chairperson.

OFFICE:   We have a new Office Manager, Sharon Calderone.   She joined the staff Monday, July 10th.   She hails from Boston, Mass., is married, lives in Venice, and owns two Scotties.    She´s a runner and enjoys reading.   Tom Smith introduced her at the Town Meeting.   Stop by, give her a brief “HI” and welcome her to Kings Gate.

LADIES LUNCHEON:    July Ladies Luncheon will be held on Thursday, July 27, at the Key West Grill at 11:30 AM.    Please sign up in the Clubhouse or call Sandy McIntyre, 480-9503, before Tuesday, July 25.    Please call Sandy if you decide not to attend.

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