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Vol. XIII, No. King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 29, 2000

HEALTH LINE:    Bob Van De Steene´s (195 Castle Dr.) brother (58 years of age) had a massive heart attack and passed away earlier this week.   You may send a sympathy card to Bob and Win at 20517 Longwood, Clinton Township, MI 48038.   I am happy to report that Janet Morrell is doing well.   Ruth Hedegore (91 King Arthur Dr.) needs your prayers.    She is at the hospital and Hospice has taken over.   —–Jane Haggerty – 480-1655.

REMINDER:   Our library.    Have you read a good book lately?   What would interest you?   Westerns, biographies, mysteries, poetry or glorious romances?   It´s all there waiting for you.   We are so fortunate in having a very well stocked library, right here in the Club.   You can just walk in and help yourself, and of course return them.    Reading can take you to places you only dream about, reading can make you laugh, can make you think and broaden your life.   Reading is an endless adventure.     Take a book with you when you have an appointment, it will relax you while you wait.   ORCHIDS to our library lady, LOIS GAINES for the excellent job she does, sorting, marking and returning them back to the shelves, under the proper category.    Give yourself a treat, create an adventure, read a book!   —–Mary Brewer, Editor

AN E-MAIL:    A sincere thanks to all of you Kingsgators who have been so kind to me by sending me your get-well cards, notes of concern, and words of prayer.   All of you and your thoughts of kindness have made my recovery possible to this point.   Two serious illnesses to conquer isn´t easy and your words of kindness and encouragement certainly are helping.   God Bless you all.   I plan to return to KGC in the middle of August.  —–Ketch Morrell

NEW OWNERS:     A hearty welcome to the following new owners:

We hope you all enjoy many happy years at KGC.

RECYCLING:    It´s time once again to remind you all that aluminum cans are NOT being placed in the proper bin at the recycling area.   These cans are NOT supposed to be in with all the bottles and steel cans but are to be placed in the barrels in the shelter where the can crusher is.   Tom Potts was fishing these cans out of the bin with all the bottles.   He discovered over 100 of them
which he then placed them in the proper bin (after crushing them).    —–Art Carlson

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