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Vol. XIII, No. 42 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida October 28, 2000

HEALTHLINE:   Hopefully “No news is good news” OR did you forget to call Jane Haggerty with the news?    480-1655.

I would like to thank our friends in Kings Gate for their cards and good wishes.   Its so nice to be remembered.   We always knew Kings Gate was a thoughtful and caring place.   Both hip operations were successful and although Im walking with two canes, it wont be long before Ill be without them.   To be without pain is so wonderful.  —–  Barb Dewar

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Friday, November 3rd, will be our first of the ‘00-01 season, come one, come all!    Were going to start off at the same cost—–$2 per person, Including Sales tax.   And see if we can hold to that $1 for your guests ages 6 to 16, and free for the pre-schoolers.   You all can help by bringing your own dishes and silverware, (just like for the potlucks) so we can avoid the added expense of sturdy plastic plates and utensils.   The menu??   Just our superb pancakes, scrambled eggs, orange or vegetable juice, sausage links, turkey ham, potato rolls, regular or decaf coffee, tea, and on the hotcakes, regular, lite, or sugar-free syrup.   What more could one ask?    Especially when such a feast is served by such a cheerful crew!    Well serve from 7:30 until 9:00 but we suggest you come early to avoid the 8:00 to 8:15 rush!   For the volunteers....please call me if you cant be with us this first time out of the chute...and we can use some new faces, so sign up, men!
  —–  Don Paulson 485-2189.

- Broadway Palm Show "CAMELOT" is SOLD OUT but we need names for the Wait-List.
- There are nine (9) tickets left for the 2 hour Christmas Light Boat tour on Peace River and Canals for Dec 11th
- Something NEW – just for U "Volendam" passengers have received their notice in the mail from VIP, Document Party Saturday Nov 11th at 2 pm. Last chance - 17 day Cruise, Miami to LA, 2-4-1 "Special" good to 10/31/00.   "Procrastinators beware” - time is drawing near.   There will be approximately 500 seniors from SW Florida going on this cruise.   Come join us. Nip & Jackie Barker

SEARCH COMMITTEE:    There will be a meeting of the Roundtable Search Committee on Monday, October 30, at 10:00 am.   We will convene at 155 Duchess Avenue (Morrell residence).   Those who have volunteered to serve are requested to attend.   —–  Ketch Morrell

BIBLE STUDY:   Starts Nov. 2 (Thursday) at 10 am. in Ceramic Room.   Every Thursday thereafter same time.   Bring a friend, relative, neighbor or come alone.   Great way to start off a Thursday morning.

ILLINOIS, INDIANA, AND KENTUCKY:    You all join us for dinner at the Olde World Restaurant on Thursday, November 2nd at 4:00 PM for an early bird special.   Lots of good friends, food, and fun.   Sign up sheet on the board.   Must know how many will be going by 10-31-2000.
  —–  Paul and Joann Lemonds – 484-7692

High Games:   Bill Thurston, 202; Kerrie Morawa, 183
High Series:    Bill Thurston, 532; Bob Mason, 500
Team members, if you are going to be absent, contact Bill Thurston or Don Fisher.   Remember all substitutes will bowl if you come to the bowling alley.

FAIR:    March 24, 2001   Our annual fair will be March 24, 2001.    Before discarding household items, consider the Fair.   We need donations of nice items, dishes, working appliances, books, etc. for the Flea Market.   Any questions can be directed to the Flea Market Chairman, Patty Ray 484-8078 or Fair Chairman Don Richmond, 484-6807.   For the new people in the Park and interested residents, videos of the 1999 and 2000 fair are available in the Video Room.
                                                               —–  Don Richmond

COMPUTER GATERS:    We want to encourage all computer (and Web-TV) users, to attend our meetings on Fridays at 10:30 am.    Gary Exner has not returned from Canada as yet and Walt Smith is on vacation, so Nip will be your Host for a few weeks. Nip will attempt to answer your computer related questions.  —–  Nip Barker

WELCOME:   Saturday, November 4th at 7:00 PM there will be a Coffee to honor our new residents and welcome back and those who have been away.   Everyone invited.

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