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Vol. XIII, No. 43 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida November 4, 2000

   Sat. Nov. 4 – “Welcome Coffee” at 7:00 PM - Everyoneīs Invited!
   Mon. Nov. 6 – Tennis Club – 1:00 in Billiards Room
   Mon. Nov. 6 – Music Appreciation – see Ketch or Jan Morrell
   Tues. Nov. 7 – Election Day – VOTE
   Tues. Nov. 7 – Ladies Trip to Key West
   Wed. Nov. 8 – Round Table Exec. Comm. – 9:00 AM Everyone invited
   Thurs. Nov. 9 – Jetty Picnic – 4:00 PM

HEALTHLINE:    Phyllis McMullen fell and was taken to the hospital.   Details possibly today……     Gladys Richter is going to Mayo Clinic for re-evaluation of her hip problem.
          —–Jane Haggerty.
RETIREMENT PARTY for Joyce Parry.    Save Sat. Nov. 18th from 3-5 pm, because there will be a party for Joyce Parry to honor her retirement from the KGC office.   Today and next week we will pass the basket for a cash gift to be given to Joyce at that time.   On Nov. 18th residents are asked to bring sandwiches and finger foods.   A cake, coffee and punch will be provided by the Round Table.   A volunteer committee is working on further details.

TENNIS MEETING:   The Tennis Club will meet at 1:00 in the Billiards Room on Monday, November 6 to elect officers, review activities for the season now beginning and to discuss other activities as necessary.   All interested residents are invited and encouraged to be there.
           —–Jack Scott – 178 Princess

SOLO CLUB MEET AND EAT:   Nov. 20th at 5:30 pm Bootleggers Brewing Co. and Steakery, 285 W. Dearborn St. Englewood.    Please sign up – wear name tags.   Any questions Call 485-1039         – Dick Bartlett

SOLO CLUB:   All of Kings Gate Club are invited to join the Solo Club Dec. 4th at 5:30 at Crab Trap II, 4815 Memphis Rd., Exit 43 off of I-75.   Join your friends for a delightful dinner, Christmas decorations and scenery.   Please sign up - one name per line.   Wear name tags – any questions Call 485-103   – Dick Bartlett

JETTY PICNIC:   Nov. 9th, meet at 4 PM, eat at 5 PM.   Still time to get to the beach for sunset viewing.   Bring your dinner service, a dish to share and your beverage.   Last time we had an all-time high of 84 people at the picnic.   And those who went to the beach afterwards were treated to a view of a spectacular sunset and the “green flash”!   Can we top that?   No guarantee, but the gathering is always fun.   Note we are back to 4 PM meeting time.

DONīT MISS THE FUN TONIGHT:    Today at 7:00 PM there will be a Coffee to honor our new residents and welcome back those who have been away.    Everyone is invited!

ELECTION DAY:    Tuesday, November 7th.    If you havenīt voted absentee ballot, they will be waiting for you at the polls.    Place:    Stay Nī Play RV Resort    Time: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.
Donīt forget to bring a photo ID and signature ID, required by Florida Law.    Driverīs license is fine.   If you have no photo and signature ID, you will be required to complete an affirmation form.   See you at the polls!

SHOWTIME:    Remember Les Paul and Mary Ford?   “Somewhere Thereīs Music….How Faint the Tune…..Somewhere Thereīs Heaven…..How High The Moon?..“ ??   Well, on Wednesday, November 15th at 7 pm in our clubhouse, come and listen while world-class guitarist Jack Peterson brings you a sampling of Les and Mary, plus a little Western swing and a potpourri of tunes from our courting days.    Tickets are still only $3.00 and are on sale today.   Jackīs credentials are awesome.   Resident artist and teacher for many years at North Texas State University School of Music at Denton, TX; Associate Professor and resident artist at University of North Florida in Jacksonville; Chairman of the Music Department at the prestigious Berklee College in Boston; author of textbooks on Improvisation; worked with the Stan Kenton clinics, and other camps, including one in Sweden!   Jack will amaze and delight you!   Come and bring a friend or two!   MUSIC WITH A MELODY!!   Youīll love it!!

SHOWTIME—2 DECEMBER !!    Advance notice so you can plan your Christmas scheduling…..Once again, on Wednesday, December 13th, at 7:00 pm, weīre welcoming back the marvelous DITCHFIELD FAMILY for your Christmas delight!!    We wonder what surprises theyīll have for us this year.   Is that littlest tyke ready for a feature spot?    And how about the quartet…”My Three Sons”—already award winners!    So, set aside that date.. WEDNESDAY, DEC.. 13th   Donīt plan anything else!!   Tickets will be on sale the first Saturday in December.    If you canīt possibly be here then, please be advised that the Ditchfields can also be heard, along with “The Chorus of the Keys“ Barbershop aggregation on the next night, Thursday, December 14th, at 7:30, at Sarasota Opera House.   Of course, those tickets range from $12 to $22 apiece, a trifle more than our $3!   Also, the same “Chorus of the Keys” is scheduled for our Wednesday, January 17th, 2001 entertainment, at the same bargain price!   We thank you for your support!    —–Don Paulson

KGC TRAVEL:    Our guest at the Travel Desk today is Gayle Dougherty, National Sales Manager for Legendary Journeys.   Please stop by and visit with Gayle before and after this morning meeting and discuss your travel plans.   Future suggestions have been distributed by flyers on your tables.   27 KGC Ladies will be on their way to Key West with Legendary Journeys on Nov 7th.   Have a FUN trip ladies.   Still want to go to Camelot on Nov 12th? Trip is SOLD OUT but we may have a cancellation – sign up for Wait-List.    Six tickets remain for the Christmas Light Cruise on the Peace River for Dec 11th - $20.   Also have 12 remaining seats for the Dec 12th Christmas Light Tour around Venice Area.   This trip is designed for those residents that do not want to drive at night but want to get out and see the lights – only $10 for a one-hour bus.     — Nip Barker

BOWLING:   Bob Froehlich bowled 49 pins over his average.    Marcia Nolin had a high series of 483.   Captains:    Please fill out your score sheets completely and sign them.   Turn in your money envelopes to Mary Pozio.   REMEMBER—All subs can bowl.

FALL NEWSLETTER SCHEDULE:    If you have items for the Saturday Newsletter, please get them to Art Carlson (137 Camelot Dr.) as soon as possible.   All articles for that week MUST BE IN BY THURSDAY AT 10 AM.    Please sign all articles.   The Newsletter will have more items and will require more time to put together.   Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.   Any questions?    Call Shirley Bethke 484-2191 or Mary Brewer 488-3128.

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   Monday, the 6th, at 7 PM, will find Ketch Morrell again presenting a wonderful music program for us at his home.   If you wish to attend, be sure to get a card (your ticket of admittance) from Jan Morrell today.   Those of you who have attended in the past know what a delightful evening is in store.   (And, yes, there will be an intermission, so if you want to furnish a few cookies, bars, etc., that is fine, too.   However, you are welcome even if you donīt bring any goodies.)

NEW OWNERS:    Welcome to the following people who have recently purchased homes at Kingīs Gate Club:
     Richard and Gloria Clark, 316 Castle Drive, from Greenville, S.C.
     William and Suzanne OīBrien, 77 King Arthur Drive, from Lovell, ME
     Robert and Leta Adams, 164 Duchess Ave., from Swanton, Ohio
We hope you all enjoy many happy years at KGC!

TELEPHONE DIRECTORY ADDITIONS:   Be sure to pick up the sheet today which lists all new owners since April, along with their telephone numbers.   The list is back by the Newsletter box.   Thanks to Sandy McIntyre, who prepared this list.

CHANNEL 55:   Be sure to watch our in-house TV Channel 55.   This is a good way to keep up with current happenings at the Club.

MOVIE NIGHT:   Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to attend the movie on Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM.

WEDNESDAY AFTEROON BRIDGE:    Ladies, if you play bridge but havenīt yet signed up to join the group on Wednesday at 1 PM, why donīt you sign up today!   This is an informal, fun group, and all are welcome.   If you have any questions, contact Edie Shuck, 488-2062, as she chairs this group.

HALLOWEEN DANCE:   132 tickets were sold for the Dance last Saturday evening.    The costumes were fun, and, as usual, the finger food was delicious!   D.J. Al Owens played music for all to dance.    Tickets were sold by Jerry and Rose Coffin.   Those who helped were Patty and George Ray, Jerry and Rose Coffin, Ellie Lambiotte, Jerry and Leanna Robinson, Shirley and Bob Froehlich, Claire and Jerry Becker, Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Lucille and Wayne Anderson, and Joe Spears.   And, a BIG thank-you to Gerry Coleman and Judy Spears, who co-chaired this fun party.   They want to thank all who helped to make the evening a success – and also all those who attended.   People hated to see the evening end at 10 PM.   Another great KGC party!

ORCHIDS to ALL those residents who volunteer to serve in various capacities.   It is one of the reasons KGC is such a great place to live!

THOUGHTS:   Happy to be back for another Season at KGC.   Have met some of our new residents, and glad they are enthusiastic about their move here.   Be sure to extend a welcome hand to all our newcomers – and – get them involved in activities.   And new residents, check the calendar, and get involved.   Thatīs one of the reasons it is so nice to live here.  ——SJB

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