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Vol. XIII, No. 46 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida November 25, 2000

COMING EVENTS:   Today, 25th Square Dance Party
Friday, Dec. 1st Pancake Breakfast
Monday, Dec. 4th Music Appreciation
Monday, Dec. 4th Solo Club Dinner
Thursday, Dec. 7th Ladies Christmas Luncheon
Wednesday, Dec. 13th Ditchfield Family Show
Sunday, Dec. 17th Organ Concert with Bob Baker

LADIES CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON:   This fun annual event will be on Thursday, Dec. 7th at the Flying Bridge Restaurant, on Blackburn Point Road at 11:30 AM.   Three choices for lunch.   Tickets are $14 each, which includes tax and tip.    Bring an unwrapped toy for a child.   Plan to be there and start off the holiday season.   Any questions, call Eleanor Barth, 485-9714.             ---SJB

ORGAN CONCERT:   Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the concert by organist Bob Baker on Sunday afternoon, December 17.   It is always most enjoyable to have Bob here to play for us.

SOLO CLUB:   All of Kings Gate Club are invited to join the Solo Club Dec. 4th at 5:30 at Crab Trap II, 4815 Memphis Rd., Exit 43 off of I-75.   Join your friends for a delightful dinner, Christmas decorations and scenery.   Please sign up - one name per line.   If you need a ride-put NR after your name.   Wear name tags - any questions, Call Dick Bartlett at 485-1039.

SQUARE DANCE PARTY:   The Square Dance party tonight at the clubhouse at 7:30 PM will be a fun evening for everyone.    Guests are welcome.   You can come and square dance or you can come and watch.   You can come and round dance - you can come and learn some basic square dancing if you like.   Refreshments will be served.    Tickets - $3 each - are on sale today.   Come and enjoy Red Bates, a National Square Dance Caller!

NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING:   It's that time of year again when each of you should have received a Notice of Annual Meeting in the mail.   This notice used 1,602 sheets of paper, 662 #10 envelopes, 331 mailing labels, $182.05 in postage.   Many helpful hands were used for envelope "stuffing," sorting and sealing.   Volunteers were:    Claire Becker, Liz Boorsma, Lois Dievendorf, Helen Larsen, Pauline Mackas, Joan Potts, Angela Richards, Fran Saylor and Sandy Veneman.   My sincere thanks to all of you whose help made this big task much, much easier.   Thanks so much!                                                                               ---Cindy Simmons

CANDIDATES SEARCH:   Those wishing to become candidates for the Kings Gate Board of Directors are asked to check in with any member of the Search Committee:   Eric Hazeldine, Sandy McIntyre, Ann Kellum or Bill Coulter.   Directors meet monthly and their decisions vitally affect our lives here.   There will be four vacancies this year and elections are only a few months away.   Oh yes…..ballots are clearly marked and are carefully counted to avoid recounts!!!

NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE:    Sunday, December 31, 2000: 7:30 pm, Hors D'oeuvres; 8:00 pm to 12:15 am; Champagne toast at midnight.   Ice and set-ups provided.    BYOB.    $20.00 per person.   Tickets on sale today.          --Co-Chairmen Ben & Lorraine Quirion and George & Joan Smatko

SHUFFLEBOARD standings, November 20, 2000
        1st    Team 4    Won 25 , Lost 10
        2nd   Team 2    Won 20 , Lost 15
        3rd    Team 1    Won 20, Lost 16
        4th    Team 3    Won 18 , Lost 17
        5th    Team 5    Won 18 , Lost 17
        6th    Team 8    Won 15, Lost 21
        7th    Team 5    Won 14, Lost 22
        8th    Team 7    Won 12, Lost 24
The next day of shuffling is Monday, November 27th at 9:30 am.   Team #2 makes courts ready for play and is responsible for clean-up.   Order of Play is Yellow - Black - Yellow
                                                                                  ---Gordy Brown, 485-5526

SHOWTIME REPORT:    Look ahead to our next scintillating show…the magnificent offerings of the DITCHFIELD FAMILY Holiday show.    It's on Wednesday, December 13th at 7:00 pm.   Tickets go on sale next Saturday, December 2, in the Clubhouse.   For all KGC newcomers, you owe it to yourselves to be at this one, because it'll put you in a joyous holiday mood!    Still only $3!!   Last year, we almost filled the hall to capacity, so get your tickets early!    Merry Christmas!
KGC TRAVEL:   The "NAVIGATOR" boat tour of Christmas Lights on the Peace River at Punta Gorda, Dec. 11th is sold out and wait-listed.    There are still vacancies on the Christmas Light Tour of Venice on December 12th and 15th.   We will have 36 KGC residents and friends on board the H/A "Volendam" for a 10-day cruise, Nov. 22 to Dec. 2.   See Laura and Mary Lou at the Travel Desk for your travel needs.   Remember---details of all trips and tours are "In the Books." ---Nip

LADIES GOLF:   Ladies, come join us for a FUN season of golf.    Players of all skill levels welcome.   We will begin weekly play at Bird Bay Golf Course on Wednesday, November 29th at 10:00 AM.   Call Linda Varty, 488-2979, or Jean Thurston, 488-7652 to sign up or get more information.       ---Linda V.

LOST:   If anyone has the Round Table Pot Luck notebook, please call me:   Gigi Conway at 488-7810

MUSIC APPRECIATION:    Program for the first Monday evening in Dec. (12-4-00) will be the annual Christmas program at our home.   Since I am away, Norm Jones will have the "tickets" to give to those who ask for them the Saturday before the program (12-2-00).   If all the tickets are taken and there is enough demand, I will, as in the past, repeat the program on a date to be announced.          ---HKM

WHAT A TEAM!:    The Reception in honor of Joyce Parry's retirement was a huge success!    Many thanks to the committee that made this event possible, i.e., Marion Gladkowski, Angie Richards, Patty Ray, Joan and Tom Potts, Jan and Ketch Morrell, Joyce and Bill Coulter, Ellie Lambiotte, Tom Conway, Rose Coffin, Eleanor Watkins, and Barb Cozad.   Art Burmaster and Ralph Garver helped with tables, too!    About 150 Kingsgaters attended, and presented Joyce with our collected monetary gift of $443.   Kingsgaters were all delighted to participate in this reception for Joyce - our friend!            ---Gigi

BOWLING:            High Game            High Series
Ben Quirion                                               535
Kerrie Morawa            188                        466
Dick Madden                                             554
Lorraine Quirion                                       467
Bill Thurston                                              509
Fred Carbone        205 - 182 -200               587
Marcia Nolin                                              465
Dot Avery had a 177 game, 55 pins over average.

MANY THANKS to Betty Ulbricht for volunteering to have a Thanksgiving meal in our Clubhouse.    You couldn't ask for more.   It was a very delicious meal that 56 Kings Gaters greatly enjoyed.    Thanks again, Betty, and to any helpers she had.          ---Carol Veverka

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