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Vol. XIII, No. 47 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida December 2, 2000

Monday, 4th   Music Appreciation
Monday, 4th   Solo Club Dinner
Thursday, 7th   Ladies Christmas Luncheon
Wednesday, 13th   Ditchfield Family Show
Sunday. 17th    Organ Concert with Bob Baker

HEALTHLINE:   I reported on Saturday that Fern Palmer (213 Princess Ave.) was not well so they are unable to return to "Paradise" but would dearly love to. You may send cards to "Tink" and Fern at: 3060 Ridge Rd., Williamstown, NY 14589.
Marge Primeau (39 King Arthur Dr.) fell and broke her hip on Monday, November 27. She is in Bon Secours Hospital. I will update you on Saturday if I hear anything more. You may address cards to her at home and Ray will take them to her.
Vivian Isackson (258 Camelot Dr.) had a freak accident at the Dumpster on Saturday the 25th. She was taken to Emergency on Sunday and found that she has a broken right hand which has been put in a cast. She is doing well under the circumstances and is in good spirits. Please remember Fern, Marge and Vivian in your prayers  …  Jane Haggerty 480-1655.

ATTENTION::   Please notify Marion Gladkowski 483-1848 if you have any HEALTHLINE announcements Wednesday, December 6 through Wednesday, December 13.   I will be in Ohio.  …  Jane Haggerty

LADIES CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON:   Thursday, Dec. 7th at the Flying Bridge Restaurant, on Blackburn Point Road at 11:30 AM. Cash Bar - Lunch at 12:00 noon.   Today is the last day for you to purchase your tickets, and make your choice for lunch.   Tickets are $14.00 each, including tax and tip.   Please remember to bring your unwrapped toy for a child.       --- Eleanor Barth, 485-9714.

ORGAN CONCERT:    Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the concert by organist Bob Baker on Sunday afternoon, December 17.   It is always most enjoyable to have Bob here to play for us.

SOLO CLUB:   All of Kings Gate Club are invited to join the Solo Club Dec. 4th at 5:30 at Crab Trap II, 4815 Memphis Rd., Exit 43 off of I-75.   Join your friends for a delightful dinner, Christmas decorations and scenery.   Please sign up - one name per line.   If you need a ride-put NR after your name.   Wear name tags - any questions, Call Dick Bartlett at 485-1039

NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE:   Sunday, December 31, 2000: 7:30 pm, Hors D'oeuvres; 8:00 pm to 12:15 am; Champagne toast at midnight.   Ice and set-ups provided.   BYOB.   $20.00 per person.    Tickets on sale today.        --Co-Chairmen Ben & Lorraine Quirion and George & Joan Smatko

SHUFFLEBOARD standings, November 27, 2000
  1st    Team 4        Won 33 , Lost 20
2nd     Team 2,         Won 29, Lost 25
 3rd     Team 6,         Won 28 , Lost 25 ] tied
 4th     Team 3,         Won 28 , Lost 25 ] tied
 5th     Team 1,         Won 27 , Lost 26
 6th     Team 8,         Won 24 , Lost 29
 7th     Team 7,         Won 22 , Lost 31
 8th     Team 5,         Won 22, Lost 32
The next day of shuffling is Monday, December 4th at 9:30 am.   Team #2 makes courts ready for play and is responsible for clean-up.   Order of Play is Yellow - Black - Black
                                                                                  --- Gordy Brown, 485-5526

SHOWTIME:   The marvelous DITCHFIELD FAMILY will be here on Wednesday, the 13,th in our hall to bring you a dazzling load of holiday cheer.   Tickets on sale today for only $3---the holiday bargain of the year!   Come and bring your friends.    It's a gift they'll long remember.

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   Program for the first Monday evening in Dec. (12-4-00) will be the annual Christmas program at our home.   Since I am away, Norm Jones will have the "tickets" to give to those who ask for them the Saturday before the program (12-2-00).   If all the tickets are taken and there is enough demand, I will, as in the past, repeat the program on a date to be announced.            --- HKM

DINNER CLUB:   Good Friends, Good time and good food!   It's all yours when you join the KGC Dinner Club.   The menus are simple and it's a good way to meet other people on an informal basis.   The dates for 2001 are Fridays   -   February 9, March 2, and April 6, 2001.   Please sign up on the bulletin board or call Doreen Exner at 488-4517.   We need new members and especially hope you will join us.

NOTICE to all Committee Chair Persons:   To complete the 2001 Round Table budget, the Budget Committee needs your estimated income and expenses for the year 2001 by January 15, 2001.   Please send the information to Jim Alex, 35 Castle Drive.   488-8985.

LET'S HAVE A PARTY!   This is all it takes at King's Gate, and suddenly there are volunteers to help.   Our square dance party was an evening of happy fun at King's Gate.   Cannot begin to thank all the helpers from hall set-up, serving, to clean-up.   You were all wonderful hosts to our guests in your usual King's Gate style.   Can we do this again?   Let us know.        --- Gigi

FLU CLINIC:   Due to a shortage of flu serum, only 60 doses will be a available at this time.   We will be giving the shots to those we feel need them most at this time.   If you do not get a call from me this weekend, please do not come expecting a shot.    For those who do get a call, please bring your Medicare Card with you.   If you still wish to be on a list for a flu shot, I will keep you aware of a future date when they will be available.   Thank you for your cooperation.        --- Eleanor Gregory

BOWLING:         High Games         High Series
Rod See                         210                    508
Bill Thurston                   208                    559
Fred Carbone         247 - 219 - 183            649
Kerrie Morawa                462
Jean Thurston bowled 162 - 54 over average.

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