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Vol. XIII, No. 49 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida December 16, 2000

Sunday, 17th 2 PM, Organ Concert with Bob Baker
Wednesday, 20th, Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, 21st, Caroling
Saturday, 23rd, Golf Cart Parade

ORGAN CONCERT:   Tomorrow, the 17th, is the date for Bob Baker's concert.   Time 2 PM at our clubhouse.   No admission charge.  Plan to spend an enjoyable afternoon at this concert.

LADIES LUNCHEON:   A sincere thanks to the Christmas Ladies' Luncheon Committee:   Judy Spears, Gerry Coleman, and Don Richmond.   Don did a great job on the tickets and making our signs.    And a big thank you to Vince Caudy for his delightful accordion music before and during the luncheon!    We had a large turnout on a beautiful day.   Our concern for the children in Sarasota County was displayed by the large collection of toys brought by the ladies who attended the luncheon as well as those who didn't.   Thank you all.      - Eleanor Barth and Mary Lou Richmond.    (And a BIG THANK YOU to the committee from all of us who attended - it was a most enjoyable party and really put us in the holiday spirit.)

CHRISTMAS DAY DINNER:   Buy your tickets ($6.50 each) today.   Please sign up for pre-arranged seating when you buy your tickets and make your reservation by next Wednesday, the 20th.   Social hour will begin at 4:30 with cocktail shrimp and other appetizers.   Dinner will be at 5:30 with turkey, ham, and all the trimmings.    Punch and coffee will be furnished; bring other beverages if desired.   Bring your good table service and let's make this a festive occasion.   Your Table Hostess will contact you to discuss which holiday dish to bring.   Volunteers are needed for Table Host and Hostess, shopping, preparation, clean up, etc.         --- Chairpersons, Sandy and Chuck McIntyre, 480-9503

GOLF CART PARADE AND SANTA VISIT:   Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 23rd at 6:30 PM.   The Golf Cart Parade will go around the clubhouse streets three times.   Then will go through the patio area for judging.   Spectators may stand or sit (own chairs) around the streets.   Golf carts line up at 6 PM on the cul-de-sac at Castle and Ave. of Queens next to the Ulbricht's house.   After the Parade, everyone meet in the clubhouse for Santa to arrive.   After Santa's visit, there will be awards given.   Finger sandwiches, cookies, coffee and punch will be served.   (Contributions of sandwiches and cookies will be greatly appreciated - bring to clubhouse ahead of time.)   Any questions, call Betty Ulbricht, 484-1675, or Shirley Froelich, 488-7587.

LUMINARIA:   Next Saturday, the 23rd, we will need your help again assembling the lumnaria, so please join us after the meeting.   It doesn't take very long to get them ready for delivery when we have plenty of help.   Residents who will be gone for Christmas, please ask your neighbor to set your luminaria out Christmas Eve between 5:30 and 6 PM.   Also, residents on cul-de-sacs or by a swale will receive extra luminaria to fill those spaces.       Thanks to all - Lucille and Wayne

BINGO:   There will be no Bingo until January 9, 2001. --- Mary Brewer

                        High Games         High Series
George Ray              218                541
Kerrie Morawa          182                499
Bill Thurston             226                574
Marcia Nolin             186                470
Mary Ann Lyford                            461
December 19th, Christmas and cash event.   No bowling December 26.   January 2nd end of first half.    "HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL" from Don and Anne.

SHUFFLEBOARD:   Standings December 11th
Position       Team
   1st                3      Won 53 Lost 36
  2nd                1      Won 50, Lost 40
  3rd                 2      Won 46 Lost 44
  4th                 6      Won 45, Lost 45
  5th                 5      Won 44, Lost 46
  6th                 4      Won 43 , Lost 46
  7th                 8      Won 39 , Lost 50
  8th                 7      Won 38 , Lost 51
The next day of Shuffling is Monday, December 18th at 9:30 AM.    Team #3 makes courts ready and is responsible for clean up.   Order of Play is Yellow - Black - Black         ---Gordy Brown, 485-5526.

COOKIES! COOKIES!   We will need cookies for the Christmas Caroling on December 21 and we would appreciate all that you can furnish us.   This is something your husband might like to do!   You can make them ahead of time and bring them when you come to the caroling.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING:   We will be caroling around KGC this year on Thursday, December 21 at 7:00 PM.   The wagon will be available for those wishing to ride, or you may use your golf carts or bicycles.   We'll have a keyboard with speakers so that you can hear the music and sing along.   We'll sing while we are riding, and try to stop at homes of shut-ins.   Wear your Santa hats, bring your sleigh bells or jingle bells, and most important, bring a flashlight.   We have new song sheets which include both Christmas Songs and Christmas Carols.    We plan to have cookies and coffee afterwards - so please bring cookies to the clubhouse prior to the start of caroling.   Any questions, contact Margaret Menefee, 485-6984.   Come join this special activity!

CHORALIERS will not meet until first week of January, date and time to be announced later.   If you enjoy singing, plan now to join this group.

MUSIC APPRECIATION:    As always, the Annual Christmas Program presented by Ketch Morrell last Monday evening was delightful and enjoyed by the large group who attended.    And, thanks, too, to Jan for her work in getting the "goodies" ready.   Note that Music Appreciation in January will be at 7 PM on Monday, January 8, 2001, the second Monday in the month, for this month only.

KGC TRAVEL: "SAILOR CIRCUS" - it is time to consider purchase of your tickets for this great event.   We have an early deadline of February 1, 2001 to purchase a block of tickets at our usual time and place, March 30, 2001, Friday, 7:00pm.   Six weeks comes quick - see Laura Jones.   Still $8 each, what a bargain.        --- Nip

THOUGHTS:   Hope you all had a chance to see the toys which were displayed on the stage last Saturday.   The woodworkers' group certainly will help to make many children happy with these toys which they made.   You all did a great job - it is just another example of the great spirit here at KGC - thanks to all of you who worked so hard on these toys.       --- SJB

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