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Vol. XIII, No. 51 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida December 30, 2000

Sunday, 31st   New Year's Eve Dance
Friday, January 5th   Pancake Breakfast
Monday, January 8th   Music Appreciation
Wednesday, January 17th   Chorus of the Keys Show

HEALTHLINE:    Tim Brewer, 291 Avenue of Kings, was taken to the hospital for tests Tuesday, Dec. 28th.   Prayers would be appreciated.
Brian Henderson, 147 Duchess, had a knee replacement on Dec. 12th.   He is doing well and will be able to resume his regular activities soon.         --- Jane Haggerty, 480-1655.

A NOTE OF THANKS:   Eileen Hawks and her family express their gratitude and appreciation for all the thoughts, concern, and help you have given them over this trying time.   Eileen's daughter, Maureen Rosetti, will be staying with her for the next few months and they would enjoy having friends stop by.

MUSIC APPRECIATION:  Note that Music Appreciation in January will be at 7 PM on Monday, January 8, 2001, the second Monday in the month, for this month only.   Pick up a card (your admission ticket) from Janet Morrell.

TV CHANNEL:   It'a fact!   Our TV channel is now 33.   Tune in to get the latest up-to-date news about KGC.   And thanks to Wayne Anderson for keeping Channel 33 current for us!

CHORALIERS:   Watch Channel 33 to see when we will meet next week.   If you like to sing, plan to join this group.      --- Ketch

SHOWTIME:    Our next show will be on Wednesday, January 17, 2001, when we'll welcome the CHORUS OF THE KEYS, Sarasota's top-caliber barber shop aggregation which includes our very own John Canfield, Frank Sapareto , and Leon Porch.   The Chorus is some 75-strong, so they'll really fill our hall!   Tickets will not be necessary, as they are a not-for-profit entity so we will be earnestly entreating you to make a generous donation at the door….And we mean GENEROUS, for the quality of the music you'll enjoy will certainly merit it.   Please come and BRING your friends from church, Venice or wherever to catch a flavor of life at KGC.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Come one, come all, to breakfast in the Clubhouse Friday, January 5, 2001 from 7:30 to 9:00 AM.   Our vigorous volunteers will cheerfully serve you pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, turkey ham, OJ (no, not him), tomato juice, potato rolls (for the diet-restricted "no wheat flour"-eaters amongst us), coffee (decaf or regular), and just the right syrup (regular, light, or sugar-free).   And all for STILL only $2.00, and we don't even charge for the smiles that go with each serving!   Nor do we charge for the protection Ed Higgins provides us by bringing in several Sheriff's Deputies each month.   Nor for the melodious services of "Whisperin'" Bill Coulter at the keyboard!!
So that we can try to keep the price as-is, please remember to bring your own plates, flatware and even cups---the same one you use on Saturday morning will do nicely.    Happy New Year from the Pancake Crew!        --- Don Paulson

UPS MAN - TOM POTTS:   Many thanks for your cheerful service to the Club this holiday season.   You were great!           -- Gigi Conway, Ch. RT Exec. Comm.

HOLIDAY SEASON:   What an outstanding holiday season at Kings Gate Club!   Many thanks to those who organized this special season for you:
          Don Paulson -- The Ditchfields
          Joan and Tom Potts -- Movies
          Betty Ulbricht & Gary Exner -- Club Decorating
          Entrance Decorating Bunch -- All who appeared and helped, with no chairman.
          Margaret and Marv Menefee -- Caroling
          Betty Ulbricht - Shirley and Bob Froehlich -- Golf Cart parade and Santa's visit
          Irene and George Sparhawk -- House decorating gifts.
          Anonymous Judges -- House decorating.
          Sandy & Chuck McIntyre and Lois Dievendorf -- Christmas Dinner.
          Lorraine & Ben Quirion and Joan & George Smatko -- New Year's Dance.
          Lucille and Wayne Anderson -- Luminaria
          Tom Smith and Staff -- Helping to prepare for all these activities (Tom drove for carolers, too!)
And, Many thanks to all committee members.   With so many willing helpers, you can tell everyone cares about Kings Gate!   We hope you all enjoyed these activities as much as we enjoyed planning them for you.   Many blessings to you in the New Year.         --- Gigi Conway, Chairman, Round Table Executive Committee

BLOODMOBILE:   The bloodmobile will be here at KGC on Thursday, January 4th.   If you have any questions about donating blood, call Pat Sellner, 488-3545.

NEW OWNERS:    We welcome these new owners to KGC:
          Roger and Mary Marquis, 49 King Arthur Drive, from Sarasota.
          Mary Kay Purmort, 190 Castle Drive, form Van Wert, Ohio.
          Rexford and Ruth Ingerick, 1511 Duchess Avenue, Dolgeville, NY, and Encore Park.
          Thomas and Elizabeth Dowling, 196 Castle Drive, from Natrona Hgts.,

CLUB CHRISTMAS DINNER:   Another wonderful dinner and festive time together at our clubhouse.   For many of us, it topped off the holidays!   Sincere thanks to Sandy and Chuck McIntyre who chaired this event.   And, we gratefully thank Lois Dievendorf (Sandy says she "spearheaded" the event as well as working hard) and to Joe Fischer who helped cook the turkeys.   So many others helped to make this party a success that it is impossible to name each one of you - BUT - your help was appreciated.    Thanks to ALL of you !

PARADE AND SANTA & MRS. SANTA:    Santa and Mrs. Santa (Bob & Shirley Froehlich) arrived and gave gifts to many children this year.   Thanks to the volunteers who helped make this holiday activity a huge success.   Thanks to everyone who participated in the Golf Cart Parade---great creativity.   There were 17 Golf Carts in the parade.   First prize was given to the reindeer pulled sleigh, made by Chuck and Sandy McIntyre.   Second prize as won by Steve Saj with his wood shop display.   Third prize went to Anna Donnelly representing Potluck Dinners.   Be thinking about what your decorations will be for next year's Parade.       --- Betty Ulbricht and Shirley Froehlich

FOR ALL CRAFTERS:   The Crafts group is meeting in the Crafts Room on Thursday, January 4, 2001, at 12:30 PM and every Thursday thereafter, unless notified to the contrary.   Our leader for January is Loretta Brian.   She brings a load of ideas and lots of experience to the meeting.   We will learn and make things for the Fair.   Come along and join the fun!

CRAFT PRODUCTS for FAIR SUPER RAFFLE:    In less than 3 months the success of our Fair Super Raffle will again be dependent on the craft skills of our members and on the donation of their creations.   In the past few years wonderful things, such as paintings, watercolors, afghans, stained glass, cut glass lamp shades, knitted items, dolls, teddy bears, pine needle baskets, decorated eggs, quilted items, ceramics, decorated baskets, wreaths, wall hangings, woven items, and other similar items, created out of the artistic skills of our members have been donated.   We are hoping to receive about 20 to 25 such creations again this year.   They will be much appreciated.   The Super Raffle will not be a success without them.         --- Thanks, Vicky May, Chairman, Super Raffle

THOUGHTS:   The year 2000 is almost a memory - the years certainly do go by fast.   Life at Kings Gate Club is so good that we sort of take it for granted.   It seems as if each person does something to help - whether it is for a fun event or for something serious - and the work gets done.   That is what makes KGC such a wonderful place to live!    The "Round Table News" staff joins me in wishing for each and every one of you a happy and healthy year in 2001!       ---- SJB

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