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Vol. XX, No. 3 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida January 20, 2007

THANK YOU:   To My Dear King's Gate family, I want you to know how much your words of encouragement meant to Jim and me and with his passing I could not believe the outpouring of love. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, prayers and love.  My North family now knows that I really have a KGC family.  I will be down around January 20th.  Thanks again.       ---Posie Gallaher, 137 Camelot Dr.

RENTERS:   Welcome to the following renters:
George & Barbara Rodenheiser, 278 Ave. of Queens, 'til April 4, from Monroe, NY, phone 485-5101.
Roger & Ruth Campbell, 277 Ave. of Queens, 'til April 29, from Concord, MA, phone 484-0972.
We know you will all enjoy your stay at the Club.

PHONE NUMBER:   Renters, George & Patty Ray, 331 Camelot Dr. - phone 485-6904.

VISITORS:   Former owners Chuck and Barbara Cozad are visiting at 249 Castle Drive until about Feb. 10.   Phone 485-3330.   It is great to have them back at the Club for a visit.   Enjoy your stay!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOVIE:   On January 24th at 7:30 PM. the movie will be THE ILLUSIONIST.   At 7:00 PM I will show Johnny Carson.   Movie plot outline: In turn of the century Vienna, a magician uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing.   Starring Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel.   Come and enjoy.       ---Arlene Hyde

KING'S GATE REALTY:   Please mark Sunday, January 28th, on your calendar as King's Gate Realty will be holding an OPEN HOUSE from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  We have many lovely homes for sale.       ---Ruth Ingerick

SOLO'S will meet at Waterfrontoo at 5:00 PM on Wednesday January 31st.  Those going on the cruise please sign up before you leave.  Wear your name tags.       ---Mary Jane Christopherson  486-1739

ORCHIDS to Jan and Chuck Collins and Joan Andrews for volunteering to chair the Potluck Dinner this evening.   We almost had this dinner cancelled until they came forth to be the Co-Chairs.  And, understand it is a complete sell-out!

PAINT:   NO paint is to be left at our trash area.   Each resident must dispose of their paint at specified disposal sites.

POOL AREA:   The pool deck is VERY slippery, so please be extra careful.   Stay on the black mats.   Charles, our Manager, says they are working hard to get this problem solved, and would like to keep the pool open.

WW II MOVIES:   None this week. See you Tuesday, January 30th at 7:30 PM in the Activities room.       ---Wren

BOOK CLUB:   "Jane Austen in Boca" by Paula Marantz Cohen will be discussed at our next meeting on Monday, January 29, at 1:00 PM in the Book & Game Room. This humorous novel is an update of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and is set in a Jewish retirement community in Boca Raton.  Observations of life among Florida retirees are combined with parallels to the original novel.  Sarasota County Libraries have a number of copies of this book, but not a copy on the shelves in Venice.  If you have a library card, you may request a copy online at or call 861-1340, and it will be ready for pick up at the Venice branch in a few days.       ---Sandy McIntyre

BOOK CLUB READERS:   Jackie Barker has our copy of Jane Austen in Boca.  Please contact her to sign out our book of the month.       ---B. Tompkins

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY breakfast at Ophellias, at Highway 41 and Laurel Road on Thursday January 25, 2007, at 9:00 AM.  Please sign up at the Clubhouse.  Before you go to Publix, or Bealls come for breakfast!  Wear your name tags.  Any questions call Barth's 485-9714.

LADIES SPRING LUNCHEON & FASHION SHOW will be held at the Jacaranda Country Club on Thursday, February 1, 2007.  Fashions by A'Tu.  A pre-showing sale of fashions and jewelry will be at 11:00 AM.  Lunch served at 12:00 Noon, followed by the Fashion show at 1:00 PM.  Tickets $18.00 are on sale today, January 20th.       ---Reo Leach 484-3780

SUPER BOWL "41" PARTY:   Tickets will be on sale today and the next few Saturdays for the Super Bowl Party which is on Sunday, February 4, 2007.   Social hour is 5:30 PM and game at 6:30 PM.  Enjoy the game on the "big screen" with your friends and neighbors.  Subs, snacks and ice cream bars are included for the price of $5.00.  BYOB.  Also, available will be "pool" squares.       ---Gene & Mickey

TALENT SHOW:   The Talent Show will be February 10th in the Clubhouse.  Tickets are $5.00 each, and will be on sale Saturday mornings at the Round Table Meeting, beginning today.       ---Vic Griseto, George and Patty Ray

NEW MAILBOXES:   New mailboxes will be arriving.  A resounding 78% of those voting were for them.  266 ballots were turned in, with 208 "Yes" votes and 58 "No" votes.  Further details regarding payment will be forthcoming.

ANNUAL MEETING:   At the Annual Meeting last Tuesday, Neil Crane, John Eade, Rex Ingerick and Tom Patricca were voted in as member of the Board of Directors for the next year.  The Board then held a meeting and the following are officers for the next year:
        President  -  Tom Patricca
        Vice Pres. -  Mike McDonald
        Secretary  -  Alan Holdway
        Treasurer  -  Dick Lyford
Thanks to ALL of the Board members who worked so hard for US this past year.  Thanks, too, to Joanie Grubaugh and Tom Weber, who completed their terms on the Board.

ROUND TABLE:   Round Table committee members elected at the Annual Meeting were Barbara Amatrudo, Mickey Fournier, Jessica Prentice, Jim Purkey, and Angie Richards.  Officers will be elected for the next year at the Round Table Business Meeting on Saturday, February 3.

THANK YOU:   A very special "thank you" to all of the election workers that helped out this past Tuesday, January 16th.   It was a big job and you were equal to the task.       ---Jack, Rex and Gene

TRAVEL:   Travel desk closed for the next two weeks, open again February 3, 2007.  Next trip will be My Fair Lady on February 4, 2007, buses will load at 10:00 AM and leave about 10:15 AM.  The Bus schedules are posted on the Travel board Bus #1 and Bus #2.   Any travel questions or reservations send us an email or call us after January 29, 2007 at 484-6807.  Our email is   Hard Rock Casino is February 15, 2007, Thursday, wait list only.       Thank you, Don and Mary Lou

LADIES BILLIARDS:   First half of league play has ended with the following standings:
1st Place:  Inez Mercer (Captain), Joan Potts, Vicky May, Melanie Pillar.
2nd Place:  Kerrie Morawa (Captain), Sandy McIntyre, Jessica Prentice, Leota Kelsey.
Tie for 3rd Place:
Margaret Goff (Captain), Dee Hicks, Lou Grimme, Barbara Amatrudo.
Betty Mohr (Captain), Gisele Bossom, Angie Richards, Sonia Scheerer.
Thanks to the following subs:   Nancy Brietwieser, Gigi Conway, Bonnie Douglas, Joanie Grubaugh, Sharon Kenney, Lois Luther.
Practice and learning continues on Sunday nights at 7:00 PM.   Anyone interest is welcome to come and have fun.       ---Inez Mercer


Bowler High Series   High Game
Fred Carbone 538 196
Lou Herbert 497 221
Chuck Brady 537 191
Carol Gualdoni 518 179
Mary Ann Lyford
481 177
Judy Skowron 491 180
Kerrie Morawa 476 182

Mary Porzio rolled 57 pins over average single game.       ---Don Fisher


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 2 25 11
2 3 24 12
3 1 21 15 *
4 4 21 15 *
5 8 17 19
6 6 14 22
7 7 12 24
8 5 10 26

Monday January 22 team #6 makes the courts ready.
Order of play Y - B - Y             ---Ralph Garver


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 2 24.5 11.5
2 1 21.5 14.5
3 3 21 15
4 4 19.5 16.5
5 7 19 17
6 8 16.5 19.5
7 6 11.5 24.5
8 5 10.5 25.5

Thursday January 25 team #3 makes the courts ready.
Order of play Y - B - Y             ---Ralph Garver

ROC NET:   If you wish to voice your concerns about the insurance crisis, you can direct your comments to the following:  State Senator Lisa Carlton (R) District 23, to e-mail:  mailing address: District office, 2127 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey FL 34229-9695, telephone 941-486-2032.  Or to:  State Representative Doug Holdler (R) District 78, District office 8486 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34238, telephone 941-918-4028.       ---Larry Collier, ROC Net Chairperson

LIFT STATIONS:   Rags put in toilets are an on-going problem.   Foreign material cannot be handled by the lift stations.   Neither our employees nor our volunteers should have to work on this problem.   If you know of someone who has a care-giver, perhaps you can bring this problem to their attention.

GAZEBO:   This is a work in progress and would be dangerous to try to use it at the present time.  So, please stay away until we get the word that it is open for use.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED to make up name tag necklaces for the orders put in last Saturday.   Call Barb Tompkins @ 480-9294, 141 Duchess Ave., if you can do 1 or 2 necklaces.   Kits provided with the beads and cord and instructions if you are rusty on directions.       ---Barb Tompkins

REMINDER FOR ALL RESIDENTS:   Three (3) rooms here in KGC have been re-named.   The former Ceramic room is now the ACTIVITIES ROOM.   The former Billiards & Library room is now the BOOK AND GAME ROOM.   The former Poker room is now the CARD ROOM.

THOUGHTS:   As I write this, have just returned from enjoying a wonderful evening at the clubhouse.   "Classic Pizzaz" was one of the best programs I have ever enjoyed here.   Dave Westbrook and his Entertainment Committee are to be commended for bringing this entertainment to us.   And, they played to a FULL house, who thoroughly enjoyed the evening.   Dave tells me over 90 people from the RV Park were in attendance....good public relations!       ---SJB

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