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Vol. XX, No. 4 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida January 27, 2007

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   Tonight, Saturday January 27th, from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at the Clubhouse come see and listen to Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra Celebrate New Years Eve in Vienna a spectacle not to miss.   Dancing encouraged.       ---Alan & Rosemary 412-3872

OPEN HOUSE:   Just a reminder that King's Gate Realty will be holding another OPEN HOUSE tomorrow Sunday, January 28th, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.   Many lovely homes available.       ---Ruth Ingerick

RENTERS:   Welcome to the following renters:
Bob & Mary McLaughlin, 89 King Arthur Drive, 'til June or July, from Brighton, MA.
Gene & Judy Riggs, 152 Duchess Ave., 'til March 5, from Reedsville, OH, phone 484-1424.
Enjoy your stay with us at KGC!     

PHONE NO. CORRECTION:   The phone number for renters Darryl and Judi Leathers is 480-9572.  They are at 225 Duchess Ave.

PATIO PARTY:   The Patio Party on Sunday, January 14 was delightful - good music, delicious desserts, wonderful weather and a chance to visit with fellow residents.   It was under the auspices of the Red Hats Swingers.   Aren't we fortunate to have the patio!

SNOW AWAY POT LUCK DINNER:   The Pot Luck Dinner last Saturday was a very successful event.   192 tickets were sold and delicious beef was the entree.   And, many delicious dishes were prepared by KGC cooks.   Music was provided by DJ's Frank and Jean Valasek, and they played a variety of music.   The committee consisted of:   Jim & Bev Purkey, Jack & Linda Varty, Ernie & Judy Auerbach, Rosemary & Alan Holdway, Mary Ann & Jim Diebold, Pat & Dan Zimmerman, Dick & Blanche Madden, June McMains, Nance Conklin, Marion Daur, Gloria & Roland Carey, and Lois & Warren Luther.  Tickets and posters were printed by Nip Barker.   And, a BIG THANK YOU to Co-Chairpersons Chuck & Jan Collins and Joan Andrews!

PROFILE FORMS / KGC PHONEBOOK:   Owners who picked up their decals at the Office in December were given a Resident Profile Form.   If you haven't returned that form to the Office, please check your personal information on the form and turn it into the Office before Friday, February 2, so changes can be included in the new KGC Phonebook.   In addition to keeping the phonebook up to date, it is important for the Office to have your latest information in case of an emergency.   If you did not receive a form or cannot find it, please go to the Office and request another copy.   New KGC phonebooks will be available in March, and owners who have updated their Profile Form in the Office will receive a free copy.   Additional copies will be available for sale to renters and owners.       ---Sandy McIntyre

BOOK CLUB:  "Jane Austen in Boca" by Paula Marantz Cohen will be discussed at our next meeting on Monday, January 29, at 1:00 PM in the Book & Game Room.       ---Sandy McIntyre

WW II MOVIES:   See you Tuesday, January 30th at 7:30 PM in the Activities room.       ---Wren

SOLO'S will meet at Waterfrontoo at 5:00 PM on Wednesday January 31st.   Wear your name tags.       ---Mary Jane Christopherson  486-1739

LADIES GOLF:   Ladies' Calusa Lakes golfers will play a 9-hole scramble on Wednesday, January 31.   We'll meet at Calusa Lakes at 1:00 PM for lunch then begin golf at 2:30 PM.   The entry fee for the scramble is $1.00 per person.   Sign up on the sheet in our Clubhouse by Sunday noon, January 28.   For further information call Nancy Breitwieser or Sue Simmons.

LADIES SPRING LUNCHEON & FASHION SHOW will be held at the Jacaranda Country Club on Thursday, February 1, 2007.   Fashions by A'Tu.   A pre-showing sale of fashions and jewelry will be at 11:00 AM.   Lunch served at 12:00 Noon, followed by the Fashion show at 1:00 PM.   Tickets $18.00 are on sale at the Saturday morning Round Table Meetings.       ---Reo Leach 484-3780

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Friday, February 2nd will be the next Pancake Breakfast.   Serving will be from 7:30 AM till 9:00 AM.   Some of you will have friends and family visiting.   Good!   Bring them along with you.   We can start to see larger numbers, so come early - beat the line-up.       ---Bill Barth

SUPER BOWL "41" PARTY:   Tickets will be on sale today and the next few Saturdays for the Super Bowl Party which is on Sunday, February 4, 2007.   Social hour is 5:30 PM and game at 6:30 PM.   Enjoy the game on the "big screen" with your friends and neighbors.   Subs, snacks and ice cream bars are included for the price of $5.00.   BYOB.   Also, available will be "pool" squares.       ---Gene & Mickey

TALENT SHOW:   Due to the huge demand for Talent Show tickets, more tickets will be available.   This will cause partial theatre type seating.   Tickets will be sold at the Saturday Round Table Meeting, January 27th and if available, at the February 3rd Round Table Meeting.       ---Vic Griseto 488-1788 and George and Patty Ray

ENTERTAINMENT:   Wednesday, February 14th is Valentines Day!   At 7:30 PM you'll hear "The Goodmans" sing and play memorable love songs on clarinet, saxophone, and piano.   Tickets $6.00.   Come early for a glass of wine!       ---Entertainment Committee

NEW ENGLAND LUNCHEON:   We will be meeting again on Friday, February 16, 2007 for Lunch (or Breakfast) at 11:30 AM at Millie's on 3900 Clark Road in Sarasota.   Even though our Patriots didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year we are still proud of them.   We look forward to seeing all our New England friends, renters and guests.   Sign up on sheet in the Clubhouse.   Please wear your nametags.   For directions or any questions call Gene and Mickey Fournier - 488-8281.

FEBRUARY POTLUCK:   "Beach Party" barbecued chicken dinner on February 17th.   Music by DJ - Bruce Shelly 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.   Wear beach attire (optional) shoes & shirt required.   Social with setups at 5:30 PM.   Dinner served at 6:00 PM.   BYOB, table service and a dish to share.   Tickets $5.00.       ---Questions, call Linda or Jack Varty  488-2979.

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY luncheon Thursday February 15th at 12:30 PM at Troyer's Dutch Heritage, at Beneva and Bahia Vista Roads, Sarasota.   Sign up sheet in Clubhouse.       --- Barth's 485-9714

THANK YOU to all those who have volunteered to make the name tag necklaces, Kae Hardesty and her sisters Mae and Norma; Marion Daur and her sister; and Helen Montisano (who followed the directions and made the necklace on her own).   This all goes toward the Fair- we sold $70 worth last week, thanks Kings Gaters!       ---B. Tompkins

TRAVEL:   Travel desk closed today, open again next Saturday, February 3, 2007.   Next trip will be My Fair Lady on February 4, 2007, buses will load at 10:00 AM and leave about 10:15 AM.   The Bus schedules are posted on the Travel board Bus #1 and Bus #2.   Any travel questions or reservations send us an email or call us after January 29, 2007 at 484-6807.   Our email is   Hard Rock Casino is February 15, 2007, Thursday, wait list only.       Thank you, Don and Mary Lou

E-MAIL LISTING ON WWW.KGC.CC:   The e-mail addresses in the Members Only section of are obtained from the KGC Office from the information you provide on your Resident Profile Form.   If your e-mail address changes during the year, notify the Office and your e-mail address will be corrected on during the next periodic update of the website.


Bowler High Series   High Games
Charles Brady 612 217-216
Bill Gilbert 534 210
George Ray 531 182
Mary Ann Lyford 470 179
Linda Varty 456 177

Bowlers, please be on time and complete your score sheets.       ---Don Fisher


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 3 40 14
2 2 38 16
3 4 36 18
4 1 31 23
5 8 22 13
6 7 20 34
7 6 17 37
8 5 12 42

Monday January 29 team #6 makes courts ready
Order of play B - Y - B             ---Ralph Garver

VIDEO ROOM:   New DVD #165 "The Illusionist".
When we put a new DVD on the shelf we would appreciate you keep it no longer than two days so others may enjoy it.   We do tell residents they can call the person who has the DVD and ask to see it, if it is not returned within that time frame.   If you take out an older DVD or VHS it is OK to keep them longer.   I was putting new cards on some of the DVD and found two that had notes attached to them.   If you have a problem with the DVD, write a note and put the DVD on the card table, not back on the shelf.   I check the Video Room several times a week to see if there is any problem with the movies.       ---Jean Ickes

LIBRARY:   Please sign out books as you do your videos.   The sign out box is located by the windows where our return and donation boxes are.   Put the cards behind the letter of the author-example-Louisa Alcott -A.   Next year when we weed the shelves, we need to know which books have been read.   When a person is looking for a particular book, it is nice to know who currently has it out.   Browse, browse, browse to see our wide variety of books.       ---B. Tompkins

REGARDING MAGAZINES:   We appreciate all your donations of magazines.   Please don't leave catalogs, brochures, or newspapers.   If you have magazines dated before September 2006, please take to the recycle container.   National Geographic, Smithsonian Natural History and the like are kept longer.       ---Thank you,  Eleanor Barth

NINE HOLE GOLF:   The Monday Nine Hole Golf Scramble has openings for a few golfers.   It is a good time for beginners and hackers, girls and boys.   Patio party after the game, bring your own snacks and drinks.   Mates of golfers are invited.       ---Dick Madden

COMPUTER USERS GROUP will now meet in the Activities room 10:00 AM Fridays.   The next few weeks we're looking at both Open Office (word processing and spreadsheets) and FastStone (photo organizing) ... come join us.   Questions on anything you are having trouble with are always welcome.   (People like the smaller room because the screen is closer and they can see it better ... THANKS Nip!!   If the group is too big, we'll move back to the clubhouse.)       ---Wren

WEDNESDAY MOVIE:   The movie for Wednesday, January 31st is LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE with Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin. This has been requested by a few people.   Rated R for language and sexual and drug content.   It has been nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress for the academy awards.   Plot: A family determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant take a cross-country trip in their VW bus.   I will show Dean Martin roasts at 7:00 and the movie starts at 7:30.       ---Arlene Hyde

REMINDER:   The deadline for articles to be included in the current weekly Newsletter is 10:00 AM on Thursday morning.   Please try to have your articles delivered before that time.   You may deliver them to my clip at 45 King Arthur Dr, or e-mail them to       Thank you for your help in this matter.       ---Dee Hicks, Newsletter Editor

THOUGHTS:   The talk by attorney Harlan Domber at the clubhouse last Saturday morning was both interesting and informative.   Think he presented many points that would benefit all of us.   We even went down to the South County Courthouse this week and purchased new "RP" decals.   Those who invited Mr. Domber here are to be commended.   Hope we might even have some more talks of this nature - very helpful to new residents and even to us "old-timers."       ---SJB

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