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Vol. XX, No. 6 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida February 10, 2007

NOTICE:   The Board of Directors meeting has been changed from February 15th to February 22nd, the time will remain 9:00 AM.

HEALTH LINE:   Arnold Baldwin, 169 Duchess, is recuperating from Gall Bladder surgery at his northern home.   He became ill while on the KGC January cruise and was flown home, with is wife.   Cards and prayers are appreciated.
Richard Stratton is scheduled to have a Pacemaker Defibrillator inserted for heart problems.  Cards and prayers are much appreciated.       ---Rae Burmaster, Health Line

NEW STOP SIGN:   The intersection of King Arthur and Castle at the bridge has been changed from a three way stop to a FOUR WAY STOP.   Please be careful while our residents get used to this change.

RENTERS:   Welcome to the following renters:
Gary & Irene Pitt, 54 King Arthur Drive, here 'til April 1, from W. Bloomfield, NY, phone 480-9404.
Richard & Sally Engelgau, 188 Camelot Drive, here 'til March 31, from Port Huron, MI, phone 484-0815.
Frank & Phyllis Koenig, 34 Castle Drive, here 'til March 31, from Windham, ME, phone 480-1642.
Enjoy your stay at the Club!

ROUND TABLE COMMITTEE:   Congratulations to the following officers of the Round Table for the next year:
Chairperson   -   George Agricola
Vice-Chair   -   Pat Cavalier
Secretary   -   Rae Burmaster
Treasurer   -   Jessica Prentice
New members of the RTC are Mickey Fournier and Jim Purkey.   And, last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to Vince Caudy, who has served as Chair for the past two years, and to Loretta Brian, who has served on the RTC for the past two years.   We really appreciate all of your work!!!

LINE DANCING on Thursday February 15th will be at 9:00 AM as usual, contrary to what the calendar say, since the BOD meeting has been moved to the 22nd.       ---June McMains

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   The next "Music Appreciation" evening will be held in the Activities room 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM on Friday February 16th.   A program is available this morning at the KGC Newsletter table......please help yourself.       ---Alan & Rosemary 412-3872

GUIDE DOGS:   KGC Supports Southeastern Guide Dogs.   Annual Fund Raiser February 10th & 17th. "Raffle" tickets for those wanting to enter the drawing to name a puppy.   Puppy names available are Queen, Princess and Baron at drawing on 17th.   Duke was the 1st and is now in final training.   King is 2nd and is now six months old and being raised by Lorraine Erickson.   Duchess is named but not yet born.   Today we welcome Lorraine and KING and Kim Gilchrist with her puppy.   Cash & checks, in any amount accepted with or without a purchase of Raffle tickets.   Your support of this worthy project is appreciated.       ---Jackie and Nip Barker

OUR SYMPATHY to the families of Jan Collins, 32 Castle Drive and Joan Andrews, 321 Castle, upon the passing of their Mother.

REGATTA FOR FEBRUARY:   Where: Swimming Pool.  Time: 1:30 PM February 11th.  The challenge has been made for the skilled yachtsmen of KGC to show their talents to the Guest and Rookies once again.  See the maneuvers and abilities of the boats.  Good entertainment and refreshments available. Looking forward to seeing every one there.       ---Commodore Jerry Becker

ENTERTAINMENT:   Wednesday, February 14th is Valentines Day!   At 7:30 PM you'll hear "The Goodmans" sing and play memorable love songs on clarinet, saxophone, and piano.   Tickets $6.00.   Come early for a glass of wine!       ---Entertainment Committee

BOOK CLUB:   "Lucy: A Novel" by Ellen Feldman will be discussed at our next meeting on Monday, February 26, at 1:00 PM in the Book & Game Room.  The love affair between Franklin Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer Rutherford is the subject of this book.  The story is told from Rutherford's viewpoint, and traces their affair from when she was initially hired as Eleanor Roosevelt's personal secretary before World War I and ends on Rutherford's deathbed in 1948.  Everyone is welcome!       ---Sandy McIntyre

SUPER BOWL PARTY THANK YOU:   Sincere thanks to all who helped in any way to make our Super Bowl 41 Party a success.  To Wayne Anderson, who did a great job on our posters and tickets.  To Dick Lyford and Vern Crane, who helped clean up and sold "pool squares" with Gene for four Saturday mornings.   To Arlene Hyde, who assisted with the TV setup so we could enjoy the game.   To Ellie Lambiotte, who collected tickets, and to Don Lambiotte for his inspiring blessing.   To Bud Porzio and Bob Cook for helping Gene carry the "6 foot Subs," as well as clean up.   And, last but surely not least, for the following who helped set up, prepare and clean up -- Claire and Jerry Becker, Aggie Flanagan and her friend Anita Gilmartin, Mary Ann Lyford and Sue Logan.  And to Angie Richards for pitching in to clean up.   Congratulations to all the "Pool" winners and the Colts fans.   We Patriots fans felt it was your turn for the glory this year.       ---Gene and Mickey Fournier
(And our sincere thanks to Mickey and Gene for their work)

RETURNING RENTERS:   If you want to be in the 2007 KGC Telephone Directory, e-mail or write down your information and give it to Michele in the KGC Office who will give it to me.   Your summer address and phone can be listed and also your local address for next season if you know it.   If you don't know where you'll be renting, let me know to leave the local address and phone blank.   When you return and register with the Office, your local address will be printed in the Newsletter so people can make note of it in their phonebooks.       ---Sandy McIntyre, 412-0107

TICKETS  for the Horse Race - Pizza Party on February 24th will be on sale Saturday February 10th, and February 17th.  $6.00.  BYOB and Bring Quarters.       ---Bud and Mary Porzio

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY luncheon Thursday February 15th at 12:30 PM at Troyer's Dutch Heritage, at Beneva and Bahia Vista Roads, Sarasota.   Sign up sheet in Clubhouse.       --- Barth's

NEW ENGLAND LUNCHEON:   We will be meeting again on Friday, February 16, 2007 for Lunch (or Breakfast) at 11:30 AM at Millie's on 3900 Clark Road in Sarasota.   We look forward to seeing all our New England friends, renters and guests.   Sign up on sheet in the Clubhouse.   Please wear your nametags.   For directions or any questions call Gene and Mickey Fournier - 488-8281.

FEBRUARY POTLUCK:   "Beach Party" barbecued chicken dinner on February 17th.   Music by DJ - Bruce Shelly 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.   Wear beach attire (optional), shoes & shirt required.   Social with setups at 5:30 PM.   Dinner served at 6:00 PM.   BYOB, table service and a dish to share.   Tickets $5.00.       ---Questions, call Linda or Jack Varty  488-2979.

PENNSYLVANIA PATIO PARTY AT CLUBHOUSE:   Friday February 23rd, 12:30 PM.   Bring a dish to share, table setting and your choice of drink.   Sign up sheet on board in the Clubhouse.   $3.00 per person will cover the cost for hamburger, hot dogs, sausage & chips.   For any questions call Rose Jones, Jean Ickes, Gigi Conway.

BLOOD MOBILE will be at KGC Thursday, March 1st from 8:30 to 11:00 AM.   If you can donate for this noble cause please sign-up on the sheet in the rear of the clubhouse and pick your preferred time for giving.   Thank you.       George Agricola

VIDEO LIBRARY:   New this week:   #166  Grand Old Opry - Performance at Carnegie Hall.   #167  Broken Bridges - Toby Keith & Kelly Preston.   #168  Marshall - True Story - plane crash that killed entire football team from Marshall University in WV.   #169  Little Miss Sunshine.       ---Jean Ickes, Video


Rod See 559 213
Charles Brady 570 --
Cheryl Patricca 481 182
Mary Ann Lyford
485 --

Valentine cash event on February 13:  3 men and 3 women winners, total pins including handicap.       ---Don Fisher


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 1 33.5 20.5
2 2 30.5 23.5
3 3 30 24
4 4 28.5 25.5
5 7 28 26
6 6 25.5 28.5 *
7 8 25.5 28.5 *
8 5 14.5 39.5
Thursday February 15   Team #7 makes courts ready
Order of play B - B - Y       ---Ralph Garver

SHUFFLE BOARD:   Attention All Players:   Monday and Thursday - Please bring $3.00 next week for League Champs gift!  Captains will collect.       ---Ralph Garver

LADIES' LUNCHEON & FASHION SHOW:   This highly successful event was held at the Jacaranda West Country Club on February 1st and was attended by about 150 ladies.   There was a Pre-Show Sale of Fashions/Jewelry by A'tu who also presented the Fashion Show.   Our lovely pianist, Gwen Aldridge, played the piano for our enjoyment prior to the luncheon and also background music during the Show.   The blessing was given by Shirley Bethke.   Beautiful clothes and jewelry were worn by our lovely models, who were as follows:   Nancy Breitwieser, Mary Carpenter, Rose Jones, Judy Skowron, Sue Simmons, Julie Walker, and Fran Yaros.   The committee was as follows:   Reo Leach, Chair-person.   Committee members:   Doris Dupler, Ellie Lambiotte, Mary Jane Rodecki and Linda Varty.   Our thanks to ALL of you for another great party!

TRAVEL:   Hard Rock Casino, buses loading about 9:00 AM and we will leave at 9:30 AM at the latest.   Check to see what bus you're on #1 or #2, posted at travel desk and also travel board.   Remember to bring your player cards, and if you have received coupons in the mail they are good on the 15th of February.   Put your name on a dollar bill if you want to try and win a bag of money.   Any questions call Mary Lou.

Payments are due for March 11th, 2007 Damn Yankees $58.00, also March 22nd 2007, Silver Foxes, sold 124 tickets please make payments $17.00 each.    Sailor Circus March 30th 2007, tickets are $l3.00 each and I still have a few available.

Andre Rieu will be performing at St.Pete Times Forum/Tampa, we have over 30 signed up, checks due now, make payable to HAPPY HEAR TOURS.  $126.00 EACH,  includes round trip motor coach, dinner at Rusty Pelican in Tampa, reserved seating at the Forum, all taxes, driver's tip.  We will be picked up at Kings Gate Club.

January 16th-26th, 2008 Coral Princess to the Panama Canal.
Any questions contact Don or Mary Lou at 484-6807 travel coordinators.

FORMER RESIDENT NEWS:   Former resident Agnes Vey passed away on January 26, 2007 in Delray Beach, FL. She was a resident for many years, and after her husband past away she moved to the east coast to be near her brother.   Agnes was the stepmother of friends of ours.   While visiting her in 2001 she spoke so much about KGC we wanted to take a look.   We came for a look and bought our home the same day.   We often thanked her for steering us in a great direction.   I attended her funeral, and I'm sure her family would like to see an announcement in our newsletter.   Thank you, Bob & Cathy Sudmann

THOUGHTS:   It never ceases to amaze me how work gets done at the Club.   Volunteers and one employee have been putting the new mailboxes up, and probably they are all finished by this morning. Good planning and cooperation can accomplish much.   The uniform mailboxes are a great addition to the Club, and any improvement of this nature adds to the looks of the Club (and raises property values).       ---SJB


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