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Vol. XX, No. 11 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida March 24, 2007

HEALTHLINE:   Jim Aldridge, 296 Camelot Dr. is ill and was flown up to Rochester, MN to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.  Your prayers and cards are much appreciated.       ---Rae Burmaster, Healthline

THANK YOU:   We wish to thank all of our dear friends in King's Gate Club for the many cards, thoughts, prayers, phone calls and visits on the death of our sister, Ann.  We appreciate your love and kindness to us.       ---Danny Murphy, Jean Davis, Joan Potts

KING'S GATE REALTY will be holding an OPEN HOUSE tomorrow, March 25th, from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.   Please plan to attend and bring along any of your guests that might be interested in becoming a resident here in "Our Little Bit of Paradise".       ---Ruth Ingerick, King's Gate Realty

PATIO PARTY:   Last Patio Party of the Season.  Mark your calendar Sunday afternoon March 25th at 2:00 PM.   Good dancing & listening music by "Sax on the Beach".   Come one - come all and have a great time.   Bring your own drinks.       ---Loretta Brian

BOOK CLUB:   "Marley & Me:   Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog" by John Grogan will be discussed at our next meeting on Monday, March 26, at 1:00 PM in the Book & Game Room.  This true story is a funny, touching tribute to a yellow Labrador Retriever who was as loyal and loving as he was disobedient.  Dog lovers can't miss this hilarious, heartwarming story of a family and a family pet.  Everyone is welcome!       ---Sandy McIntyre

WEDNESDAY MOVIE:   The movie for Wednesday, March 28th, will be Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith.  It is based on the life of Chris Gardner, a self-made millionaire; this drama stars Will Smith as a man who finds himself jobless and homeless at age 30, living in a San Francisco train station with his infant son.  He finds work as a trainee at a brokerage and climbs the corporate ladder, eventually becoming partner and owner of his own Chicago-based firm.  It is rated PG 13.  The movie starts at 7:30 PM with Dean Martin roast at 7:00 PM.       ---Arlene Hyde

LINE DANCING on Thursday March 29th has been moved to Friday March 30th at 9:30 AM.       ---June McMains

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   Please note due to other commitments we shall not be hosting Music Appreciation April 13th and Ideas and Discussion Group April 14th. The final evening for Music Appreciation is Saturday March 31st in the Clubhouse from 7:00 to 9:00 PM as per the March Calendar.       ---Alan & Rosemary Holdway

SPORTS NIGHT / DINNER DANCE:   You are invited to attend the Sports Night / Dinner Dance, being held on March 29th in the Clubhouse.  Social at 5:00 PM Dining at 6:00 PM.  Menu will be Cordon Blue, Salad and Desert. BYOB.  Tickets on sale $12.00 each.       Any questions call Jerry Becker, Chairperson, 412-0879

BOWLING:   Congratulations to:
1st place:   The Sharks:   Ann Fisher, Mary Carpenter, Helen Tebbets, Val Mackas, Ben Quirion
2nd place:   The Gulls:   Jane Haggerty, Cheryl Patricca, George Shuck, John Schleicher

LADIES BILLIARDS:   Second half of league play has ended with the following results:
1st Place:   Kerrie Morawa, Captain, Leota Kelsey, Sandy McIntyre, Jessica Prentice
2nd Place:   Inez Mercer, Captain, Vicky May, Melanie Pillar, Joan Potts
3rd Place:   Margaret Goff, Captain, Barbara Amatrudo, Lou Grimme, Dee Hicks
4th Place:   Betty Mohr, Captain, Gisele Bossom, Angie Richards, Sonia Scheerer
Thanks to the following ladies who were subs:   Gigi Conway, Bonnie Douglas, Joanie Grubaugh, Sharon Kenney, Lois Luther.  League play has ended for the season, but practice and learning will continue for most of the summer on Monday nights at 7:00 PM instead of Sunday.

FROM THE FAIR CHAIR:   To all my Fair Chairmen and Chairwomen - A BIG THANK YOU - you done good!  Hope you had fun doing what you did, know I did.  Was wonderful seeing everybody working together - Linda McMillan, Neil Crane, Pat Cavalier, Sandy McIntyre, Walt Smith, Jim and Bev Purkey, Linda and Jack Varty, and of course my Assistant Chair Rex Ingerick, plus all the rest of the best people in this world.  I was surely blessed.  The Fair is not just one person, but everybody who worked and did their jobs.  God Bless all of you.  Love and Kisses.       ---Don Lambiotte, 2007 Fair Chair

THANK YOU:   This was my last year as Chairperson for the Flea Market.  I would like to thank all the KGC members who made the job so much fun and enjoyable.  You're all the best!   Thanks.       ---Linda MacMillan, 2007 Flea Market

THANK YOU:   To all those who helped in any capacity at the food tent for this years Fair we want to express our sincere appreciation.  Everyone worked well together to work out any "kinks" that developed.  With out all of you we couldn't have had the success we did.  We hope that you all had fun and will help us out again next year.       Sincerely, Jim Purkey and Linda Varty

FAIR - MILLIONAIRE FLORIDA LOTTO RAFFLE:   A big thank you to all who purchased raffle tickets and a bigger thank you to all who worked in the booth.  The winner of the raffle was Travis Hatfield of Kings Gate Park. Of the 200 Lotto chances he won, one was fruitful yielding four of the six winning numbers, roughly $72 plus the $50.00 bill, congratulations to Travis.       ---Betty & George Agricola

GUIDE DOGS:   Graduation for "KGC-DUKE" and Blind Partner was March 10th at SEGD in Palmetto.  Duke has been matched with a woman from Georgia.  We cannot communicate for 90 days, but will ask permission after that time.  We are so happy for Lorraine, puppy raiser for Duke and now King.  We had 12 Puppy Raisers with their Puppies (including King) visit us at the Fair.  Donations of $160 were collected.  Lisa Davis, 87 King Arthur, assisted us at the SEGD table.  Lisa has been volunteering at SEGD three days a week.  We appreciate her dedication to the mission of SEGD.       ---Jackie & Nip Barker

THANKS TO OUR RENTERS:   We have many renters who return to KGC each year, plus each year there are some new renters.  Many of these people take an active part in Club activities.  They serve on Potluck Committees and help with our Annual Fair, etc.  Besides enjoying the amenities of the Club, they are ready to help where needed.  So, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR RENTERS.  We enjoy having you with us.

HISTORIAN:   KGC is in need of someone to update and maintain the Historical Records of King's Gate Club.  If you feel you can and want to help with this project please contact George Agricola at 488-8520.  Thank you for considering this important part in maintaining the history of King's Gate Club.

VIDEO:   New DVD's requested by residents - these are old movies that I found on Amazon:  DVD #183 Tender Mercies - DVD #184 Where The Heart Is - DVD #185 It's A Wonderful Life (it is a Christmas one, but now we have it on DVD, as we never had it on VHS).  Also donated two DVD's - DVD #186 Man of the Year, Robin Williams - DVD #187 Miracle on 34th Street.  This movie was also donated on VHS.

TRAVEL:   Next week is Sailor Circus, March 30, 2007, take your real tickets not the paper receipts.  Circus starts at 7:00 will want to be there a little early.
Princess Cruises is having reduced deposits only $100.00 per person on any Princess Cruise or cruise tour worldwide, you just might want to take advantage of this.  March 21st - March 27, 2007.  Still time to join us on our January 2008 cruise.
It has been a great travel year, we thank everyone that has traveled with us this season, April 2006--March 2007. We are now starting another year.  If you want to receive our notices through the summer, please see that I have your correct email address, write it down and give it to us, or drop off at 70 King Arthur Drive.       Any questions call Mary Lou 484-6807

GREETING CARDS:   A reminder to please put all your used cards (Christmas, Birthday, holiday, etc.) in the box outside the video room door.  These cards are taken to the Village on the Isle Retirement Center where they are recycled and sold in their gift shops.  Any questions, call Jeanne Winget  485-3121

TENNIS COURTS:   Our new tennis courts have been damaged by rollerblades.  We need everyone's help.  If you see any rollerblading on the courts, please call me or any tennis player immediately so that further damage can be prevented.  Tennis courts are for tennis play only.       ---Dick May 485-5303

DOMINOS:   There will be no dominos till April 5th, due to conflicts with Club activities.  April 5th will be the final session till next season.       ---Barb Amatrudo

N.Y. - N.J.   Patio Party on Saturday April 14, 2007 from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.  Please bring an appetizer to pass and your beverage.  Sign up and any questions call Barth's 485-9714.

IT'S FREE:   "Spring Fling" Saturday April 7th from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.  Decorate a Hat for the Easter Hat Parade Contest.  There will be 3 categories:  Prettiest, Wildest and Most Original.  BYOB and snacks to share.  Any questions call Jan or Chuck Collins  488-5065.

MARCH 10th POTLUCK:   Thanks to Don Toland and his committee for a very successful Potluck Dinner.  The chili was delicious, the decorations attractive, and the music was very enjoyable.  A large group attended the dinner, and many people were on the dance floor.  Thanks to all who worked to make this another successful dinner at KGC.

ORCHIDS:   To Sandy McIntyre - it is just great to have our new telephone directory.  This represents countless hours of work on Sandy's part - we do appreciate it!

ORCHIDS:   To Dave Westbrook who has chaired the Entertainment-Shows Committee for a number of years. We've enjoyed many good shows at the Club due to your efforts.  Dave is now retiring and this important job will be chaired by Emil DePasquale.  Thanks for all the work you have done for us, Dave!

A FOND FAREWELL to our wonderful neighbors and many friends as we depart for Michigan and a new chapter in our lives.  We have so many good memories these last six years in KGC never to be forgotten.  Please stop and see us when you're in Michigan at 7073 Kings Way, Flushing MI 48433.  Phone 810-280-7616.  Hoping to see you next winter, Jack and Joanie Grubaugh

PHONE NUMBER CORRECTION:   Lee & Jean Ickes phone number in the new directory should show land-line number 488-8967 instead of the cell phone number.  Please make this change in your phone book. Thanks.

INTERESTING FACTS:   Was talking to Bob Mains of the KGC staff.  He says he is a native Floridian and grew up in Venice.  He also said he remembers when Laurel Road was just a two-lane dirt road.  Further he said where the lake is in the Club now, used to be a berry patch (before it was dredged out) and that he used to camp there with friends when he was a kid.  How things do change!

TREE TRIMMING:   There are 2 lists in the office for tree trimming.  One list is for tree trimming April 1st.  The second list is for tree trimming in August / September 2007.  You can sign up for either or both times on the sign-up sheet in the office.  Any questions please call Rich Davis 412-1951

A RESIDENT REMINISCES:   MARY LOU RICHMOND.  Mary Lou was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  She had one older sister and one younger brother.  She was married and had two children, a son and a daughter.  Her son is a California Highway Patrolman and her daughter works for the Parma, Ohio, School System with the disabled children.  She has four grandchildren, two boys and two girls.  One grandson entered the Marines on March 19, 2007.  The other grandson will graduate in another year.  Both her granddaughters are beauticians.  Cindy, the youngest, lives and works in LaJolla, California, and she arrived on the 18th of March to visit the Richmonds.  The older granddaughter, Jennifer, works in Parma, Ohio.  Mary Lou's husband, who was a Lieutenant with the Cleveland Police Department, passed away in 1982.  Mary Lou worked as a medical assistant for a Urologist for 22 years, and then when he decided to retire she did some part-time bus tours.  She then had the opportunity to work in an Italian restaurant in North Royalton as a bookkeeper and booking reservations for all types of functions.  She has always been very active with the public.  After her husband passed away, she became very active in the Lutheran Church and did the Outreach Program for many years greeting new people and finding sponsors for them.

Mary Lou and her husband always liked to travel and camp, and they had a permanent campground which they enjoyed most of the summer months.  After he passed away, she continued this as her daughter and family liked to come to the campground.  Don Richmond and his family camped behind them, and they were friends and had all the same social friends.  His wife was very ill with cancer and passed away in 1990.  Mary Lou says, "Well, you know the story from there.  One thing led to another, and we just celebrated our 15th Anniversary."  They now have together six children, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Don was in retail sales and hated his job, so one day Mary Lou said just quit.  Well, he did and they purchased an old home in Marblehead, Ohio, and turned it into a Bed and Breakfast, and they did this for three full years.  She said this was a 24/7 plus job, but they loved it and met some of the best people.  In fact, on the 24th of March, one of their first guests will be a house guest at the Richmonds home here.  She says they can tell you lots of stories.

The Richmonds moved to Kings Gate Club after attending the Fair in 1998.  They became very active right away, and they have continued to be active.  Don was Chairman of the Fair for a couple of years, and is presently on the Board of Directors.  They worked with the Travel Committee, and now chair our Travel Group.  And you all know how much fun it is to travel with them - whether it is on a one-day bus trip or a long trip.  It is obvious that Mary Lou loves working with the travelers in the Club, and we all appreciate their efforts in our behalf.  Mary Lou is also head of the Ohio Club, which meets on a regular basis.  She is also Chairman for memorials in the Club.  In looking at the phone book, I noted she is also a Block Captain and delivers the Calendar and important flyers to over 20 homes.  Mary Lou is always friendly and always smiling.  She says they love Kings Gate Club and are happy they have made the Club their home.  

THOUGHTS:   Well our Annual Fair is over for another year.  Kudos to Don Lambiotte, who has been Fair Chairman for the past two years.  And Don is the first one to say MANY people helped to make it such a successful day.  Even the weather cooperated - as it does each year - so we had a large attendance.  And it is amazing how many people know about our Fair.  When I have been in some groups in Venice and say I live at KGC, they immediately mention our Annual Fair.  I know we all enjoy this day.       ---SJB

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