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Vol. XX, No. 12 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida March 31, 2007

THANK YOU:   I would like to express my thanks to all for the cards and prayers sent to me during my recent illness; and also for the warm welcome Bob and I received on our return to King's Gate.  This is truly a great and caring place to live.       ---Win VanDeSteene, 195 Castle Dr.

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS to all of you for your thoughts, concerns and prayers for me.  Also to all of you who brought me food, sent me candy, ran errands for me and drove me to where I needed to go.  I'm so grateful to everyone and Thanks so Much.       ---Mary Jane Christopherson

MONEY MATTERS:   Starting March 31st thru April 14th, all money requests should be directed to Angie Richards.  She will be taking care of Round Table funds while I am away.       ---Jessica

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   Please note due to other commitments we shall not be hosting Music Appreciation April 13th and Ideas and Discussion Group April 14th. The final evening for Music Appreciation is tonight, March 31st in the Clubhouse from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.       ---Alan & Rosemary Holdway

WEDNESDAY MOVIE:   The movie for April 4th will be HAPPY FEET.  Animated Rated G.  Plot: In the great nation of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, you're nobody unless you can sing, which is bad news for Mumble (Elijah Wood), who is the worst singer in the world.  But he sure can tap dance.  Mumble's mom, Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman), thinks his dancing is cute, but his dad, Memphis (Hugh Jackman), says it "just ain't penguin." Besides, they both know that, without a "heartsong," Mumble may never find true love.  His one friend, Gloria (Brittany Murphy), happens to be the best singer around, and the two have a connection from the moment they hatch, even though she has a tough time understanding her pal's eccentricities.   Bring the kids!
Movie 7:30 PM, Johnny Carson 7:00 PM.       ---Arlene Hyde

JETTY PICNIC:   WHEN: Thursday, April 5th.   WHERE: North Jetty.   SOCIAL from 4:00 to 5:00 PM   DINE @ 5:00 PM.   "WATCH THE SUNSET AFTERWARDS".   The final gathering at the Jetty for the year.   Come have a good time discussing your summer plans and travels.   Don't forget your dish for twelve and your social hour of snacks and refreshments.       ---Claire Becker

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Friday April 6, 2007 is not only the next, but also the last pancake breakfast for the season.  As usual your men will serve from 7:30 till 9:00 AM.  We have been enjoying very good attendance this year so getting an early start may be a smart move.  As always, bring your visitors, they are always welcome. Enjoy!       ---Bill Barth

"SPRING FLING"   It's free -- Saturday April 7th from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.  Decorate a Hat for the Easter Hat Parade Contest.  There will be 3 categories:  Prettiest, Wildest and Most Original.  BYOB and snacks to share.  Any questions call Jan or Chuck Collins  488-5065.

END OF SEASON GOLF OUTING FOR MEN AND WOMEN:   President's Cup Golf Tournament and Banquet. Sunday April 15th, 2:00 PM at Calusa Lakes Nine Holes. Green Fees including cart: $24.00.  Catered Dinner at King's Gate Clubhouse approximately $15.00.  Happy Hour 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks and set-ups included in price of Dinner.  To sign up see Vic Griseto and Jim Breitwieser at Saturday Round Table Meeting.  You can play golf and not attend the dinner and you can attend the dinner and not play golf.  We are limited to 11 to 14 foursomes so sign up early.  Players matched by handicap.       ---Vic 488-1788 and Jim 488-3458

N.Y. - N.J.   Patio Party on Saturday April 14, 2007 from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.  Please bring an appetizer to pass and your beverage.  Sign up and any questions call Barth's 485-9714.

THANK YOU:   My sincere appreciation to all that helped set up, serve and clean up for the Patio Party.  I could not have done it without you.  So pleased with the turn out of folks that came and enjoyed the music.  Thank you so much.       ---Loretta Brian

THANK YOU:   Many, many thanks to all the ladies for their help at the Bake Sale Fair Table.  We had a very successful day, and I appreciated everyone's help & cooperation.  THANKS!!!!!       ---Judy Spears, Chairperson

HATS OFF to Linda McMillan who chaired the Flea Market and thought outside the box. We received many compliments about the freedom of movement and accessibility of the set up.       ---Barb Tompkins

READERS:   We are increasing our audio book and large print collection for visually impaired Kings Gaters.  If you have favorite authors that you would like to have on our shelves, please put suggestions in the pink box by the sign out box by the windows in the Book/Game Room.  Please remember to sign out your books; this helps us in weeding the collection for a better library.  Your "Bookie" Barb Tompkins

LIBRARY:   A suggestion box for new titles is located by the sign out box in the Book/ Game room. Please put the title, author, price and publisher and your name on the cards provided in the pink box. Titles of large print books and books on CD's are also being considered.       ---Barb Tompkins

COMPUTER RE-SALES:   Effective today, Jim Prentice, 180 Princess Ave., 488-5267, will be responsible for accepting donations from you, and re-sales of "Computers, parts and accessories", during the year and at the KGC Fair.  If you have older models of Computers and any associated equipment that you wish to donate for repair and/or you have a need for a revived computer or parts; then see Jim. This has been a service that has been offered to KGC residents as well as at the KGC Fair for six years and has helped fund the KGC Roundtable. I will be available to assist Jim as he needs me.  Thank you for your support.       ---Nip Barker

TRAVEL:   It has been a great travel season and I thank everyone that traveled with us.   Looking forward to another full year.

JANUARY CRUISE PEOPLE:   Before you head north please answer the following questions and leave in our little box at our front door or email us:   1) Where will you be the first part of Dec. 2007, we need an address so you get your travel documents.     2) Have a passport good for 6 months after date of travel that would be July 26th, 2008.     3) Any special request must have NOW, birthdays, anniversaries while we are traveling, special diets, table request.   I will try to complete the best I can and the sooner in the better it is.   Our group requests early dining.   E-mail   Our document party will probably be the 1st week in January 2008.  

Travel desk closed for the next two weeks for Easter Vacation.   Feel free to stop or call with any questions.

Need menu choices for Andre Rieu, April 24th, 2007,   London Broil, Chicken Dijon, or Salmon.   Wait list only.     Happy Easter to all.   Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators, 70 King Arthur Drive, 941-484-6807.

ENTERTAINMENT:   Dave Westbrook has been Entertainment Chairman for the last five (5) years and has done an excellent job in giving us the best entertainment.   Thank you, Dave, for all the volunteer work that you no doubt enjoyed.  I hope I can give KGC the same in entertainment.  The following entertainment is now in place for the next season 2007/2008:

TREE TRIMMING:   There are 2 lists in the office for tree trimming.  One list is for tree trimming April 1st.  The second list is for tree trimming in August / September 2007.  You can sign up for either or both times on the sign-up sheet in the office.  Any questions please call Rich Davis 412-1951

NEW VIDEO'S:   All DVD'S.   Happy Feet - Children of Men - End of Day - Blood Diamond - Out of Africa - The Nativity Story - Marie Antoinette - Bruce Almighty - Pursuit of Happiness - Casino Royale - Bleak House - most of the DVD's were movies that were requested by residents.
The case is missing for Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.  Please return to Video Room. A reminder to residents, please inform your guest to read the rules regarding taking out movies and on the VHS to please rewind.   Thank You. Jean Ickes

THANKS TO TRAVEL DIRECTORS:   Last Saturday at our meeting, Mary Lou and Don Richmond presented the Club with a check for $4,110.66.  This represents lots of hard work on their part, and commissions paid by our travel partners, VIP World Travel and Happy Heart Tours.  It also includes your independent travel - the Richmond's say it is helpful to the Club to use our travel partners.  Our Travel Coordinators try to negotiate the best travel prices for us and make our traveling lots of fun and enjoyable.  It is a great way to meet new people.  Thanks to Mary Lou and Don for all their hard work.

REMINDER:   If you are leaving the Club and heading north for the summer, please be sure to advise the office.  This accomplishes two things:  first, it lets them know you are no longer "in residence" here; and second, any mail sent to you from the office will be sent to the correct address.  Also, be sure that you have arranged for someone to take care of your yard.  Any small objects that are outdoors and could become "missiles" in a storm should be taken inside.  Thank you.

PATIO PARTY:   Thanks to Loretta Brian and her committee for planning a nice party last Sunday.  The music was enjoyable and the sundaes were delicious.  And, Loretta's delicious cookies - think she must have spent the week baking - were enjoyed by all who attended.

SILVER FOXES:   About l30 people from the Club attended the performance of this group at the Venice Little Theatre on March 22.  We are so proud of our own Irene Bette, who is an integral part of this group.  Irene has such a lovely singing voice.  I remember that sometime ago when I complimented her on her singing, she said that God had given her this voice and she wants to use it for the enjoyment of others.  She is certainly doing this as the Silver Foxes entertain at various places during "the season".

A RESIDENT REMINISCES:   ERIC HAZLEDINE:  Eric says he has lived on four Continents.  He was born in England a few months before the end of the "war to end all wars".  He said he spent a quiet few years between the wars growing up, including four years at the London University and some travel.  At the outbreak of World War II, he was Project Engineer on a large government project.  When that job was completed, he did Royal Engineering Training and was sent to India by boat, taking three months, mostly in convoy, with some time in Durban, South Africa, and Port Said by the Suez Canal.  He said he spent a very pleasant period in Bangalore, India, including learning the Urdu language.  He was then sent to Bengal and joined the Indian Army, thence to Assam and Burma where airfields were being built for the "hump fliers" and building Burma Road.  When he returned from Asia late in 1945, he found that his sister had a young school friend who had grown into the most beautiful young school teacher (Ruth) and they were married on the last day of his overseas leave.  He was already working as Chief Civil Engineer on an urgent government job in the North of England, and they set up housekeeping in an 18 ft. RV ("caravan" as they are called in England).  When that job was completed, he accepted an offer to go to Tanganyika (now Tanzania) as Chief Mechanical Engineer on a government scheme to clear thousands of acres of land to grow ground nuts (peanuts) on a grand scale.  Conditions were very primitive and very few white women went out on this project.  But Ruth did!  Their first baby was about six months old, and she was expecting a second baby, who was born in a mission hospital deep in the jungle near Masasi.  He said unfortunately the baby, a daughter Carol, did not thrive in the heat and the conditions there, and they decided to return to England.  They returned by Troop ship (his third trip through the Suez Canal) and she did well in England.  He said so much for South Africa!

On the boat trip home, there was plenty of time to think, and he said he thought and thought.  Due to the serious shortage of cars in Post-War England, there was a great demand for small economical cars, so he designed one.
And on arrival in England, he went in with his brother and eventually in 1950, the Hazelcar was born.  Some were gasoline-powered and would give 50 miles per gallon and a maximum speed of 60 mph.  They also made some with electric motors, but the Korean War came along and it became very difficult to get various items, so they quit.  He said some of these cars exist to this day in museums on both sided of the Atlantic.  At least one is still in use today, 57 years later, in England.

The North American Phase began in March 1952, when he took a 6-week tour of Canada, picking up job offers from Nova Scotia on the east coast to British Columbia on the west.  On his return to England, he decided to try Nova Scotia as the nearest.  By this time, they had another daughter.  They packed up their entire household, complete with "Nanny" to help with their three little ones and took the Queen Mary to New York, thence by train to Nova Scotia.  They never did move west.  He spent 30 years in a newsprint mill, starting as Process Engineer and the last 10 years as Mill Manager.  Most of that time, they supplied about half the need of the Washington Post.  Much of this time in addition to having two more babies and looking after a large and active household, Ruth taught a Mentally Handicapped class.

A few years before retirement they bought a large truck and fifth-wheel and took their vacation in Florida.  They headed straight for the Panhandle, but found it too cool, so headed down further and landed at what is now "Encore".  While staying there, they heard of the virtues of Kings Gate Park, investigated and booked a site for 1981.  They so enjoyed the Park and the whole are of Venice that decided to buy a site.  The Sales Agent was working in the Club sales office.  Before they returned to the Park, they decided to buy in the Club and purchased #62 King Arthur Drive shortly after that.  In March 1982, they returned to the Park, ordered their house, built mostly of his own design and generally unfinished inside.  This was a very exciting period.  The Club facilities were all in place except for the tennis courts, only a fraction of the units were on site and occupied and new units were arriving almost daily.  They went north in July and could hardly wait until it was time to return to King's Gate Club.  At this time, the Club was operated and managed by the developer.  Then came the moment of transfer to the residents in 1987.  Eric was elected a Director on that first Board.  It was a busy time.  There were State Rules and Regulations that had to be abided by, but many other rules and regulations had to be drafted and agreed upon.  There were many projects through the years that followed, such as the first tennis court, its wiring and lighting - 25 cents in the meter.  He said they were a little over-enthusiastic in putting up the windscreens on the first court and most of the wire blew down in the next wind.  

There were many events in the following years in which he was privileged to have a part.  The first Fair, under the chairmanship of Don Moriarty.  They made display racks for the painting he obtained.  With Elaine Littlefield and Fred Carbone's artistic guidance and themes, they made the Fair Floats for many years.  He said many hands made light work.  Ceramics was a very popular craft, and they needed a safe place for their supplies and partly-finished jobs.  He was talked into building 68 lockers to line one side of the crafts room, and Shirley Eckersly presented him with a lovely golden goose.

Eric said one rather interesting project he was involved in was the building of the walls on either side of the stage curtain in the hall.  Originally the small changing rooms (one is now the video library) were visible to the audience and, of course, no stage curtain.  He said he remembers other interesting projects through the year, many for the Fair.  A half-size horse made of wood, wire mesh and paper mache was quite a challenge.  A one-way turnstile to prevent people from sneaking in the exit of the Flea Market.  An elevated enclosed stage between the carpenter shop and the library for an entertainment group and others including a jail cell.  Also a number of items, some existing to this day, such as the counter in the hall, under the notice board, built to store card tables and supplies, and a magazine display rack for the library.  Eric was elected to the Board a second time about 1996, and has served on numerous committees through the years.  

Eric says King's Gate Club represents a wonderful era in their lives and they will be eternally grateful for the experience.  All five of their children and their spouses have visited them here through the years, also most of their 15 grandchildren, but they still await visits from their four great-grandchildren.
He says thanks are due to so many people here for a wonderful retirement environment.  And Eric and Ruth have helped so much to make King's Gate Club such a wonderful place to live!

THOUGHTS:   The "Season" here is starting to draw to a close, and - supposedly - things are slowing down.  So far, activities seem to be going at full speed, however.   It's been a GREAT winter, and MANY deserve thanks for making life here so wonderful.       ---SJB

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