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Vol. XX, No. 13 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida April 7, 2007

HEALTHLINE:   Our condolences to Chuck Tompkins, 141 Duchess Ave. on the death of his sister-in-law, Donna Tompkins in Columbus, Ohio.  Services were held in Ohio.  Cards are appreciated.
Please continue your prayers for Jim Aldridge, 296 Camelot Dr. Jim and Gwen have gone to M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas for further diagnosis for Jim.
Fred Lewis, 308 Ave. of Dukes is at home recuperating from Carotid Artery surgery done this past week. Your cards and prayers are appreciated.       ---Rae Burmaster, Healthline

THANK YOU:   A Prayer Shawl - What a beautiful thought, received the first one on Tuesday afternoon.   Thank you so much.   You have no idea what it meant to us.       ---Bud and Mary Porzio

THANK YOU:   We wish to thank our Kings Gate friends for the many cards, visits, phone calls and prayers.   Sal's face and knees are healing nicely since he fell.   Sal is still in need of your prayers.   God Bless all of you.       ---Ann and Sal Franco

THANK YOU:   I would like to thank all of my friends and neighbors for your kindness during and after my heart surgery.  Sometimes you don't realize how wonderful it is here at King's Gate till you are down.  So thank you for all the prayers, cards, flowers, food and meals for my husband during this time.  Gary didn't have to cook anything for two weeks!  Would you believe one of the neighbors came to our house and put in a new, higher toilet stool for me as a surprise for when I came home from the hospital.  Gary thanks you all, too, for the many rides and offers of rides to the hospital and airport during this time, due to his eye surgery while I was recuperating.  We are leaving for New York soon, so see you in the Fall.       ---Chris & Gary Townsend - 211 Castle Drive.

THANK YOU:   Without the support of my grandparents, Elner Mann (King's Gate Club) and Jean and Homer Zeigler (King's Gate Park), I would not have been able to spend a week in Biloxi, MS volunteering with fellow students from American University (Washington, D.C.).  We worked with an organization called Hands On, a nonprofit dedicating to rebuilding the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.  From constructing houses to tutoring at the Boys and Girls Club, we experienced the many different stages of rebuilding an extremely devastated area.  I wanted to thank my grandparents for all their support.       ---Amy Zeigler

SAFETY COMMITTEE:   Safety Committeeman Chairman, Art Burmaster is looking for volunteer summer captains for the summer months.  Please call Art for further details at 412-9224.

TENNIS:   The spring meeting of the KGC Tennis Club will be held on Monday, April 9 at 1:00 PM in the Book and Game Room.  All who are interested in tennis are invited to attend.       ---Dick May

WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOVIE:   The movie for Wednesday April 11 will be the Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.  A romantic comedy about two women who exchange houses in order to get a new lease on life.  After each suffers her fair share of romantic disappointments, Englishwoman Iris (Winslet) and L.A. woman Amanda (Diaz) meet on-line at a website devoted to helping people exchange houses for vacations. Each agrees to spend the Christmas holiday at the other's home.  While each suffers from a minor case of culture shock, both women also end up becoming involved with a man.  Rated PG 13.  Movie at 7:30 PM, Dean Martin 7:00 PM.       ---Arlene Hyde

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY:   Patio Party on Saturday April 14, 2007 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  Please bring an appetizer to pass and your beverage.  Sign up and any questions call Barth's 485-9714.

END OF SEASON GOLF OUTING FOR MEN AND WOMEN:   President's Cup Golf Tournament and Banquet. Sunday April 15th, 2:00 PM at Calusa Lakes Nine Holes. Green Fees including cart: $24.00.  Catered Dinner at King's Gate Clubhouse approximately $15.00.  Happy Hour 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks and set-ups included in price of Dinner.  To sign up see Vic Griseto and Jim Breitwieser at Saturday Round Table Meeting.  You can play golf and not attend the dinner and you can attend the dinner and not play golf.  We are limited to 11 to 14 foursomes so sign up early.  Players matched by handicap.       ---Vic 488-1788 and Jim 488-3458

HOME ALTERATIONS:   The Board of Directors is posting the following as a reminder of Rule 7 of our Rules and Regulations.  This rule was designed to give information to residents.  
Structural construction that changes the exterior dimensions of the home, carport, or garage area must have prior approval of the Board of Directors.  The County requires a site plan.  If they are not satisfied with the site plan, they can request a survey by a licensed surveyor at the owner's expense.
a) Residents contemplating roofing, painting or siding of home, new windows, concrete additions, and similar work must file with the General Manager before the work begins.
b) All of the above must have a Club permit.
c) Owners are to be solely responsible to obtain a County building permit and otherwise comply with County ordinances, as applicable.   Any question, please contact Don Richmond 484-6807

HISTORIAN:   KGC is in need of someone or maybe more than one, to update and maintain the Historical Records of King's Gate Club.  If you feel you can and want to help with this project please contact George Agricola at 488-8520.  Thank you for considering this important part in maintaining the history of King's Gate Club.

VIDEO:   DVD added this week - Charlotte's Web.  Donated DVD - Twisted.  Case for Mrs. Palfrey was returned. Thank you.  All videos are now in Video Room - Clear Jackets for the DVD's arrived this week.       ---Jean Ickes

COMPUTER PROGRAM:   This is a free "Yes you should expect free or I would not recommend it!"  downloadable program for your computer system.  Home inventory program, kind of nice you can build your house and all items as well as add pictures for any insurance needs that may arise.       ---Jim Prentice

BOOK CLUB:   The next meeting will be on Monday, April 30, at 1:00 PM in the Book & Game Room.   "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See will be presented by Louise Eichenlaub.  This novel, set in remote 19th-century China, tells the story of lifelong friends Lily and Snow Flower and the rigid codes of conduct for women that structured their lives.  The author's in-depth research into women's ceremonies and duties provides interesting details about arranged marriages, women's inferior status in both their birth and married homes, and the Confucian proverbs and superstitions that guided daily life.  The book begins with a detailed description of Lily and her sisters' foot binding, and widens into a vivid portrait of family and village life.  Several members who have read this book reported that they enjoyed it very much.  Everyone is welcome.       ---Sandy McIntyre

TREE TRIMMING:   There are 2 lists in the office for tree trimming.  One list for 1st part of April.  The second list for August / September 2007.  You can sign up for either or both times in the office.  Questions call Rich Davis.

NEW OWNERS:   Fred and Joy Funk have purchased 65 King Arthur Drive.  They are from Mamora, NJ.  See phone directory for their cell phone number.  They have rented at KGC this winter, and we are happy they decided to purchase a home here.  We hope you have many happy years with us at the Club!

SPORTS BANQUET & COMMODORE'S BALL:   A large group attended this event on March 29.  The entree was chicken cordon bleu (delicious).  Awards were given to the various sports, followed by a dance.  This party was hosted by the Regatta Group.  The committee consisted of Jerry and Claire Becker, Ann Kellum, Jean Davis, Loretta Brian, Bob Cook, Eileen and "Red" Hochmuth, Mary Lou and Don Richmond, Gloria and Roland Carey.  ,(Jerry Becker says to his committee: "I want to thank you for a great job well done for the Sports Banquet.")

CLOTHE-A-CHILD:   Baskets were passed at the meeting last Saturday, and our residents donated an additional $626.00 to this very worthy cause!

PATIO PARTIES:   The King's Gate Round Table has set the dates of November 18, 2007, January 13, 2008 and March 23, 2008 for next seasons Patio Parties.  The entertainment for January will be Jay Smith and the others will be announced next year.  Any person or group wishing to chair one of the events should call either Barb Amatrudo or Jim Purkey.  These are always well-attended and enjoyed by our residents and require little preparation.       ---Barb Amatrudo and Jim Purkey

DOMINOES have ended for the season but an informal group will meet on Thursday in the Clubhouse to play until May.  Everyone is welcome.       ---Barb Amatrudo

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   Thanks to Alan and Rosemary Holdway for planning such a nice evening for us.  Andre Rieu's music is delightful.  And the snacks at intermission were delicious, too.  Alan says he is already working on the programs for next year!

SAILOR CIRCUS:   What a pleasant evening!  It is always fun to go to this circus - the kids work so hard to entertain us.  We had a large group attend the circus this year and know we all enjoyed it.  If by chance you DID NOT attend this year, be sure to put it on your agenda for next year - you will be glad you did.  Thanks to Mary Lou and Don Richmond for their work in getting this evening together.

ELAINE LITTLEFIELD.  Elaine was born in Grand Rapids, MI.  Her Father had eight greenhouses, a lean-to and outdoor flowers.  He was the first one in Grand Rapids to cultivate and raise Easter lilies.  He also developed a greenhouse of poinsettias (which need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness).  He also developed a rare white rose called the White Kaiserine.  Her wedding bouquet was made up of these pure white roses with an orchid from Hawaii in the center.  Her Mother did bouquets and corsages and all the bookkeeping for the business.  She had one brother.

Elaine attended Michigan State University for two years.  She ate off-campus and one day she was with three other girls when they sat next to Lyle.  He gave the girls a ride to a meeting they had to attend on the campus.  Two weeks later he called, asked for Elaine and asked her for a date that weekend.  Lyle had already graduated and was working as a Statistician for the state. They were married about 1-1/2 years later.  Elaine said he formally asked her Dad for her hand in marriage.  Lyle and Elaine were married in June, l940.  They had two sons about two years apart.  Elaine has three grandchildren (two girls and a boy) and one great-grandson and one great granddaughter.

The Littlefields moved several times and then lived 27 years in East Lansing where Lyle was Chief Food Inspector for the state of Michigan and then was involved in food laws.  During this time, they met Mercedes and George McIntyre (Chuck McIntyre's parents) and played bridge with them for 20 years.  When Lyle retired in l982, they took a trip and visited Texas and Colorado, and then came to Florida in l983 to visit McIntyres.  They were here for a week.  Elaine and Mercedes looked at model homes.  Then they looked at 33 Castle Drive and brought Lyle to see it, and decided to buy it.  They sold their home up north and moved here, half-time for two years and then full-time starting in l985.   Lyle passed away in October, 1991.

Elaine is very artistic and she did table decorations for many events, Halloween decorations and bird decorations for Spring dances, etc.  Elaine plays the piano.  She says she has done a lot of traveling with our group and has been on a number of cruises over the years.  She got into fabric-painting with Gisele Bossom, painting shirts, T-shirts, and sweat-shirts.  She took oil-painting up again, and she did lots of work in ceramics.  She worked several years on the floats for the Fair.  One float got 2nd place in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Venice.  Elaine and Eleanor Norman (Judy Blow's Mother) were avid dancers.  Then Elaine fell and broke her hip.  She lay on the floor until morning when she was found by Marge Hufford and Ernie Allsbrook.  Despite the fact that Elaine now uses a walker, you will see her at Coffee Hour most Saturday mornings.

Elaine's son in Texas has built an apartment in his new home for her, and she now spends her summers there.  Presently her home here is for sale and she will eventually move to Texas permanently.  You have been a good, active resident here, Elaine, and we all wish you the best in the future.

TRAVEL:   It has been a great travel season and I thank everyone that traveled with us.  We are looking forward to another full year for 2007 / 2008.

JANUARY CRUISE PEOPLE:   Before you head north please answer the following questions and leave in our little box at our front door or e-mail us:     1) Where will you be the first part of Dec. 2007, we need an address so you get your travel documents.     2) Have a passport good for 6 months after date of travel that would be July 26th, 2008.     3) Any special request we must have NOW, birthdays, anniversaries while we are traveling, special diets, and table request.   I will try to complete the best I can and the sooner your request is in the better.   Our group requests early dining.   E-mail   Our document party will probably be the 1st week in January 2008.

Need menu choices for Andre Rieu, April 24th, 2007,  London broil, Chicken Dijon, or Salmon.   Wait list only.

Travel desk closed next week for Easter Vacation.
Happy Easter to all.       Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators, 70 King Arthur Drive, 941-484-6807.

THOUGHTS:   Today I have owned my home at KGC for 20 years.  (Fred has been here 16-1/2 years).   Can't believe that many years have passed - so quickly, too.   The camaraderie at the Club, the wonderful people, and the great programs all make KGC a GREAT PLACE to live.   We feel privileged to be residents at KGC!       ---SJB

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