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Vol. XX, No. 14 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida April 14, 2007

HEALTHLINE:   Pete Havey, 294 Ave. of Kings is recuperating at home from surgery this past week. Your cards and prayers are appreciated.       ---Rae Burmaster - Healthline

THANK YOU:   I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who called, sent cards and expressed concerns about my health during my recent surgery.  Thank you and God Bless You.       ---Peter Havey

CONDOLENCES:   Jim Miller called us recently.  It is with our deep sense of sorrow that we express our sympathy to Jim Miller, 295 Ave. of Kings, and his family for the loss of his wife and their mother, Shirley Miller.  The Millers have been our good neighbors for many years.  Shirley will be sorely missed.  May her reward be great in Heaven.       ---Marjorie and Peter Havey
 (The KGC members, too, will miss Shirley.   And Jim and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers).

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY:   Patio Party today April 14th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  Please bring an appetizer to pass and your beverage.       Barth's 485-9714.

TIME CORRECTION:   Line Dancing on Thursday April 19th will be at 10:30 AM after the BOD meeting. The time on the monthly calendar is incorrect.       ---June McMains

SAFETY COMMITTEE:   Safety Committee is seeking volunteer summer captains for the summer months.  Call Art Burmaster at 412-9224 for further details.

BOOK CLUB:   The next meeting will be on Monday, April 30, at 1:00 PM in the Book & Game Room.  "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See will be presented by Louise Eichenlaub.  This novel, set in remote 19th-century China, tells the story of lifelong friends Lily and Snow Flower and the rigid codes of conduct for women that structured their lives.  The author's in-depth research into women's ceremonies and duties provides interesting details about arranged marriages, women's inferior status in both their birth and married homes, and the Confucian proverbs and superstitions that guided daily life.  The book begins with a detailed description of Lily and her sisters' foot binding, and widens into a vivid portrait of family and village life.  Several members who have read this book reported that they enjoyed it very much.  Everyone is welcome.       ---Sandy McIntyre

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   297 people were served last Friday morning at the last Pancake Breakfast this season.  And a record 1,651 were served during the season.  The fellows who get up EARLY to work at the Breakfasts are Andy Amatrudo, Nip Baker, Bill Barth, Jerry Becker, Fred Bethke, Pete Broadwater, Roland Carey, Ron Carpenter, Mike Cavalier, Vince Caudy, Bob Cook, Neil Crane, Emil DePasquale, John Eade, Gary Exner, Gene Fournier, Fred Funk, Paul Graney, Rex Ingerick, Chuck Leight, Bill Kenney. Curt MacMillan, Bob Miller, Dario Morvillo, Bud Porzio, Don Richmond, Jerry Robinson, Chuck Shelby, Chuck Tompkins, Tom Tyler, Joel Wall, and Tom Weber.   A BIG thanks to all of you for your work.   And, A SPECIAL THANKS to Bill Barth for his hard work and dedication as Chair of these breakfasts.

BLOOD MOBILE - will visit KGC on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 from 8:30 to 11:00 AM.   If you can participate by giving of your blood it will be greatly appreciated.  Are you aware The Suncoast Communities Blood Bank is a non-profit organization serving seven medical facilities in our area and that approximately 100 donors are required each day to meet the demands.  Think about it and sign up in the rear of the clubhouse.   Thanks.       ---George Agricola 488-8520

FOOD PANTRY:   Joan Cherwa reported that 154 items and $238.00 were given last Saturday morning for the Food Pantry!

PRAYER SHAWL GROUP:   The newly formed Prayer Shawl Group will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in the Card Room at 3:00 PM.  Donations of yarn are gratefully accepted.  All knitters and crocheters are encouraged to join.  For further details please call Rose Jones 412-1988

HISTORIAN:   KGC is in need of someone to volunteer to update and maintain the Historical Records of King's Gate Club.  If you feel you can and want to help with this project please contact George Agricola at 488-8520.  Thank you for considering this important part in maintaining the history of King's Gate Club.

END OF SEASON GOLF OUTING FOR MEN AND WOMEN:   Sunday April 15th, 2:00 PM the President's Cup Golf Tournament and Banquet beginning at Calusa Lakes, followed by a catered dinner at King's Gate Clubhouse with Happy Hour 5:30 to 6:30 PM.       ---Vic 488-1788 and Jim 488-3458

TRAVEL:   Our next trip is Andre Rieu, April 24th, don't have the exact time for leaving as of yet, but will keep you posted.
January cruise people be sure and let me know where you will be the first part of December so your documents get mailed to the correct location.  Any cruise questions please give us a call.
VIP World Travel, the owners Sue and Allan Knops are hosting a cruise over Thanksgiving, similar to the one we are doing in January.  If this is a better date for you, check with us for details, if you could not go with us in January maybe this would be of some interest to you.
Our spring break is over, feel free to contact us.   Thanks, Don and Mary Lou Richmond 484-6807.

SPRING FLING DANCE AND EASTER HAT PARADE:   Last Saturday evening the hall was decorated in purple and lilac with lots of flowered hats, Easter bunnies and eggs, birds, butterflies, and one big bumblebee.  Centerpieces were double begonia plants which were used later for prizes for the Hat Parade and drawings.  All of the guests brought snacks to share and the committee provided shrimp, sherbet punch, cappuccino punch, wine, beer, and soda.  The music was programmed by Sandy and Chuck McIntyre on DVD's, providing a listening and viewing extravaganza (only took them about l00 hours to do!).   Many guests voiced their appreciation for this presentation as they can no longer dance as much as in days gone by.  We as Chairmen for the dance certainly want to thank Sandy and Chuck for all the hard work and helping make this dance a success.  Also, a big thanks to Wayne Anderson for running the videos.  The music was so entertaining that perhaps it could be used another year at some event.  We would also like to thank our committee:   Joan Andrews, Judy and Ernie Auerbach, Anna Donnelly and Tony Mazzotta, Ellie and Don Lambiotte, Charlotte and Jim Alex, Joy and Fred Funk (new residents, yea!).   Also thanks to the extra hands cleaning up, especially Bev and Jim Purkey, Claire and Jerry Becker, and Rosemary and Alan Holdway.  We found it a delightful way to end the Season!       ---Jan and Chuck Collins
  (And a BIG thank you to Jan and Chuck for chairing this very pleasant event.   We all appreciate your work).

LIBRARY:   Requests for new titles (with the author), Large Print books- give me some authors and titles you would like to see in large print, and CD suggestions can be put in the pink box by the circulation (sign out) box.       Barb Tompkins

LIBRARY NEW TITLES:   I Feel Bad About My Neck, Saving Fish From Drowning, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Book Club Members Note!), the Annotated Pride and Prejudice (for Book Club next year), Mustang Man by L. L'Amour, Daybreakers by L. L'Amour, Treasure Mountain by L. L'amour, Mojave Crossing by L. L'Amour, Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea (mystery), Wish You Well, The Glass Castle, In the Wake of the Plague, Walking the Bible.  All titles but Snow Flower and the Secret Fan are waiting for you to sign them out in the library.  Snow Flower may be signed out by Book club members by calling Barb Tompkins, 141 Duchess Ave. 480-9294.

WEDNESDAY MOVIE:   The movie for Wednesday will be PROOF with Gywneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins.  A powerful story of a young woman haunted by her father's past and the shadow of her own future.  She has devoted years to caring for her brilliant but mentally unstable father a mathematical genius.  When his genius slips away, he leaves behind a mystery that affects her life and her own sanity.  Based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning play.  Movie 7:30 PM Johnny 7:00 PM.       ---Arlene Hyde</[>

A RESIDENT REMINISCES:   NIP BARKER.  "Nip" Barker and his wife, Jackie, are 13+ year residents of KGC.  Nip was born and "fetched up" in Texas as "Nixon" 73 years ago.  His family was living in a small "Oil Field" town in South Central Texas when he finished high school.  With little opportunity to attend college, he went right to work in the "Oil Field" with his stepfather.  By the end of the summer, Nip was working for a nationally known "Oil Field Supply Company" (he says think of a much bigger Kile's Hardware, but for the Oil Field trade), in the little town of Refugio.  The first month there he got his nickname "Nip."  This is where he met a local girl, whose Dad was also working in the "Oil Patch."  This beautiful, young, tall skinny girl was Jackie Love, and they have been married for 53 years.  Jackie is an "Okie", but moved to Texas with her family when she was 4 years young.  Their first son, Terry, was born in Refugio and two sons, Gary and Douglas, were born in McAllen.

The job moved them around to many places - McAllen, Texas; Rangely and Sterling, Colorado; Glendive, Montana; New Harmony, Indiana; Henderson, Kentucky; and Salem, Illinois.  Nip started sweeping floors in Refugio, repairing Specialty equipment in McAllen, Field Sales in Rangely, and Store Manager in Salem.  Jackie was a stay-at-home Mom until the kids were in junior high school, and then worked part-time.

After 20 years with one company, an opportunity opened for Nip to become a Manufacturer's Representative in the "Oil Patch."  They formed Nip-Bar Specialty Co., Inc.  Nip did the traveling and Jackie ran the office and did the bookkeeping.  After five more years in Salem, they moved once again to be near the center of the work area.  This was in Wooster, Ohio.  KGC residents Betty and Ken Craig were neighbors for 17 years.

In December, '92 they bought into Lake Village.  January, '94 Lake Village was sold and 284 Ave of Queens in KGC was purchased.  The summer of '94 they sold their home and business in Ohio and became full-time KGC residents.  In November, '96, they moved to their current home at 217 Camelot Drive.

Former resident Ketch Morrell twisted his arm and in February, '95, Nip was elected to the Round Table as Chairman.  It was a very exciting year.  One of the big projects proposed and encouraged by the RT was to build the "Patio" project.  The vote by residents failed to pass by the 2/3 rule.  Re-elected in '96, Nip's most challenging project was to completely revise the RT rules by BOD mandate.  The most satisfying time on the RT was to get the revised rules approved and the "Patio" project vote approved by a majority.  This was built and the pool fenced in during the summer of '96.  A very worthy project!  Nip later served two years on the BOD, 1999-2001.  After assisting on the Travel Committee for several years, Nip became Chairman in '99 and served for four years.  Nip and Walt Smith set up the Computer Users' Group in '97 to give lessons to the residents.  The lessons continue today.  For the past four years, Nip and Jackie have been active promoting and raising charity funds in KGC for Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, FL (a very worthy project).

Nip and Jackie have and enjoy "their Little Piece of Paradise" at KGC.  Their sons and families, including six grandchildren, visit often and they love "Paradise" too.  We are happy to have the Barkers as residents at KGC and we all appreciate all the work they have done for the Club.

THOUGHTS:   Each morning as I wake up to the beautiful weather, I realize again how fortunate we are to live at KGC.  And what a blessing it was to have rain last Tuesday.  Really hate to now be counting the days until we leave until Fall.  But will enjoy the 18 or so days before we head north.       ---SJB

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