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Vol. XX, No. 18 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida May 12, 2007

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
8:00A Aerobics
9:30A Water Ex
11:00A Mvmt-Health
1:00P Dup Bridge
7:00P Billiards-L
7:00P Cribbage
9:00A Adv Line Dance
12:30P Ceramics
1:00P Bowling
2:00P Stained Glass
3:00P Prayer Shawl
8:00A Aerobics
9:30A Water Ex
11:00A Mvmt-Health
7:00P Poker(L)
8:00A Bd. of Dir. Mtg.
9:00A Beg Line Dance
9:15A Hard Rock Casino
1:00P Stained Glass
7:00P Poker (M)
8:00A Aerobics
9:30A Water Ex
1:00P Scrabble
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Mtg

NEWSLETTER CHANGE:   Dee Hicks will be returning to her newsletter duties next week, so please send all articles to her at her email - - or you may deliver articles to her clip at 45 King Arthur Dr.   Reminder:   the deadline for articles for the newsletter is 10:00 AM Thursday mornings.       ---Mary Carpenter

THANK YOU:   I want to thank all of you for the prayers, cards, phone calls, visits, and well wishes.   My surgery went well, and I am feeling very good.   Thank you again for all your thoughtfulness.       ---Dee Hicks

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING:   There will be a Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, May 17, in the clubhouse at 8:00 a.m. (not the normal 9:00 a.m.).       ---Charles Clotfelter, Mgr.

HEALTHLINE:   Jane Haggerty, 256 Camelot Drive, is the summer Healthline contact person.   Call her with any Healthline news, etc. at 480-1655.   I will see all of you in the Fall.   Have a healthy and safe summer at KGC.       ---Rae Burmaster

DONUTS AND PASTRIES:   Please call Angie Richards, 483-4772 (142 Duchess Ave.) during the summer with requests for donuts and pastries.       ---Rae Burmaster, the Donut Lady

TRAVEL:   Thursday, 5/17/2007, bus leaving at 9:30 a.m., loading about 9:15 a.m.   BRING YOUR PLAYERS CARDS, AND IF YOU WANT IN THE MONEY GAME, BRING A $1.00 BILL WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.   We will leave Hard Rock approximately 3:30 and be back between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m.

Princess is having special booking days again May 16-22, 2007.   A $100 per person deposit will hold any future worldwide Princess Sailing.   Still time to join us in January, 2008.

Congratulations to our Venice Little Theatre star, Irene Bette, who was given the 2007 Kathyrn Killinger Award for distinguished volunteer service to VLT education mission.   We are proud of you, Irene.   Our Silver Fox show is scheduled for March 20th, 2008; get your reservations in early.

Any questions, call Don or Mary Lou, Travel Coordinators.

VIDEO LIBRARY:   Two new DVDs:   "The Last King of Scotland," and "Dream Girls".       ---Jean Ickes

THANK YOU:   How fortunate we are to be part of this KGC family!   You have been so loving to us with your cards, calls, visits, food and the handmade prayer shawl.   Our sincere thanks to you all for your encouragement and caring.       ---Gigi and Tom Conway

CELEBRITY-TO-BE?:   While visiting San Antonio, Texas, in April, Jerry Becker, 159 Duchess, had the opportunity to apply for a spot on the TV show, "Deal or No Deal".   He completed a six-question application and a 20-second verbal interview.   He's waiting to hear whether or not he'll be accepted for the Fall production of the show…he feels very confident.   Good luck, Jerry, and keep us informed!

OHIO CLUB:   The Ohio Club is planning a northern get together on July 9, 2007, in Columbus, Ohio.   We went to the Buckeye Hall of Fame last year, and everyone seemed to enjoy.  I must have input at this time as I have to put up a large deposit that is non-refundable, and I need to know the approximate number of people that might attend.  The cost this year for the buffet, room tax, and tip would be $24.00 per person.  Everyone that attended last year felt it was a great place and well worth the price.  I have contacted a couple of local hotels…if you're coming from any distance and would like to stay over, the range is from $102.00-$119.00 per night.  A visit to our State House and German Village and then a lunch at Schmidt's at German Village on your own would be a couple of suggestions.  Schmidt's is famous for their half pound jumbo vanilla cream puff along with a variety of other specialty desserts!     We must make our move…Columbus is a busy place in July.   Reservations to Don Richmond at $24.00 per person would be appreciated at this time.   If you're interested in staying over, let us know and we will advise so we could be at the same place and possibly have a nice Happy Hour in the evening on July 9, 2007.   Please let us know one way or the other what your plans might be.   Thank you.  
---Don & Mary Lou Richmond

PAGEANT:   Thank you to all those whose help and support made Miss Sarasota USA and Miss Manatee USA such a success…George Agricola, Tom Patricca who helped get it off the ground, Jim and Jessica Prentice and Jim and Bev Purkey who volunteered to put up the gold curtain and lattice screen, Mary Lou Richmond who helped at the door, and Rae Burmaster who served as the "go-fer".   Sandy Eade dropped everything and came right over when called and arranged 4 dozen roses into 4 beautiful bouquets for the winners.   A special thanks to Loretta Brian and Don Richmond for doing such a great job as judges.   (All that time Don spends at the beach wasn't wasted!)   Thanks to Bob, Bev and Khammay, our maintenance family, who so willingly came behind to put us back in order, and to Wren, Chuck, Wayne and Ron for the audio/video/photography, and to all of you for your attendance and support.   THEY all loved US!!   See pictures on KGC website       ---Pat Cavalier

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