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Vol. XX, No. 25 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida June 30, 2007

FOOD PANTRY:  Reminder to bring your non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry next Saturday morning July 7th.  

JULY 4 POTLUCK:  We will have an old fashion Potluck Dinner.  Bring your table setting, a dish to pass, BYOB, and have fun.  We'll have Happy Hour at 5:00 PM and Dinner at 5:30 PM.  There also will be a lovely program of organ music and singing after our dinner.  Call Mary Jane Christopherson for information   486-1739.

JULY LADIES LUNCHEON:  The KGC July Ladies Luncheon will be Saturday July 7th, 11:30 AM, at the Curry Creek Café, on U.S. 41.  Tickets may be obtained at today's Saturday morning meeting, with a choice of 4 entrees.   ---Louise Eichenlaub and Barb Tompkins

HEALTHLINE:  Gloria came home this afternoon (Wednesday 27th) after spending 5 days in the hospital getting IV Anti Biotics. Her incision is healing better and she starts tomorrow on 14 days of IV Anti Biotics at a local clinic, every day including weekends.  She is fighting a staph infection.  Thanks for your prayers.       --- Vince Caudy & Gloria Whisonant

THANK YOU:   It is hard to express the comfort I've had in the messages from our KGC friends.  Such warm words about Jack touched my heart.  My family and I sincerely appreciate your concern and prayers during this difficult time.       ---Liz Boorsma

THANK YOU for all your prayers, phone calls and the many cards of sympathy we received in the loss of Jim on May 27.  Acute leukemia (AML) has no cure when you are 87 years old.  He will be greatly missed, but our fond memories of him will be with us forever.  It meant so much to us to hear from our wonderful, caring friends at King's Gate.  Thank you again for your concern.       ---Gwen Aldridge

THANK YOU:  Tom is now home after five days in Sarasota Memorial Hospital and recovering from his most successful lung surgery.  We are praising and thanking God that it all went so well.  We can't thank you enough for your kindnesses, the cards, phone calls, e-mails, the good food and most importantly, your prayers.  We love you all and are grateful to have you praying and caring for and loving us.       ---Tom and Joan Potts

SYMPATHY:  Linda MacMillan's brother, Ronald Sunderlin, passed away last week from pancreatic cancer in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our sympathy to Linda, 9 Castle Dr., and to his family.  Any contributions may be made to the Hospice and Palliative Care Partners of Ohio, 2500 East 22nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 44115.  Cards may be mailed to Linda's northern address in the KGC phone book.

OHIO CLUB:  July 9th, 2007 in Columbus Ohio at the Buckeye Hall of Fame.  Any questions give us a call.       ---Don and Mary Lou Richmond 941-484-6807.

TRAVEL:  Any travel needs give us a call.  We pick up our calls daily even if we are out of town.  Have a great summer.   Don and Mary Lou   94l-484-6807.

KINGS GATE STORY HISTORY:  The following letter was written by Thurman Sorrell (still a member and resident of the Club) on March 1, 1987, to George McIntyre, President of the first Board of Directors (and Father of present owner Chuck McIntyre).  A copy was also sent to each member of the original Board:  John Svok, Eleanor Borger, Donald Jensen, Klee Fitze, Eric Hazeldine, June Schramm, John Soroka and Don Moriarty.  Thurman has given permission for this letter to be reprinted in the Newsletter.

The KING'S GATE STORY for Maggie and me began in March 1973.  At that time, we were vacationing on Siesta Key and read an advertisement in the Sarasota paper about King's Gate Travel Park.  The same day we visited this Park and purchased a lot and believe it to be the best of its kind.  This same opinion has been expressed by most people we have talked with over the years.

When this Park was developed almost fifteen years ago, the lots were sold at prices from $4,000 to $6,000.  This year one of our personal friends purchased one of the original $4,000 lots at a price of $24,000.  One of the reasons for this success in our opinion was due to the foresight in the Park's development and the continuity of professional centralized management.

The developer, Lynn A. Morey, Jr., reserved the right to control management during the development for a total of ten years.  During this time, on one of our annual 2-week vacations to Kings Gate Park, we discovered a completed bridge from King's Highway to a parcel of ground that was low and covered with palmettos, underbrush, and what appeared to be useless land.  I told Maggie "I think we have serious problems - our Manager/Developer Lynn Morey has obviously built that "Brooklyn Bridge" leading to no-man's land."

At this time, rather than to start a rumor in the Park about Lynn's condition, I chose to meet the problem head-on and ask Lynn what he planned to do.  He said for some time he had a plan to build a truly quality mobile home park different from anything that has been developed.  One that would have lots similar to the typical residential subdivision, with homes that offered the benefits of a mobile home, but would really have character and individuality.

Story to be continued next week.       - SJB

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