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Vol. XX, No. 29 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 28, 2007

FOOD PANTRY:   Remember to bring your non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry next Saturday morning August 4th.

THANK YOU:   Thanks so much for all the cards and nice notes, prayers and well wishes.   Got me a new knee on June 14 and it certainly was a flag day for me.   I had heard all the stories re:  this surgery and of course "be sure to do your exercises".   All true and I could probably add a few.   Doctors are really pleased with my progress and actually so am I.   Am anxious to return to Paradise and now I can compare my scar with yours.   Miss you all so much.       Jane Bonyai

THANK YOU:   A sincere thanks to everyone for your kind show of sympathy when our husband / father Edward Neumann, passed away.   All of your cards, kind words and deeds were gratefully appreciated.   As has been said many times in the past, "there is no better place to live than here in King's Gate Club".       Sincerely, Barb Neumann and Linda and Jack Varty  

HEALTHLINE:   Have you wondered why Bob Curtis has been working alone?   Well, Rich Davis, 87 King Arthur, called to say that he had a minor surgery on his knee Thursday, July 19 -- NO, NO he did not have knee replacement so he will be back to work soon.   If you see him on his golf cart, wave and maybe a card and prayers would help his recovery.

Ike Richards, 142 Duchess Ave., has been admitted to J. H. Floyd Rehabilitation Center, 1755 18th St., Sarasota.  Cards and prayers will be appreciated.       ---Jane Haggerty, Summer Time Health Line

KINGS GATE CLUB - THE EARLY YEARS:   The following report was written a while back by John Galaba, former resident of "our little bit of paradise":

I was asked to write about the early days of King's Gate.   At my age my memory is not all it should be, so bear with me if there may be a few inaccuracies.

Mr. Morey, the developer, originally intended King's Gate Club, Inc. to be an extension of the RV Park, so when he developed the RV Park around 1970 or so, he had the bridge installed.

The property remained a jungle until about 1977.   Then he cleared the land and applied for a permit to build the mobile home park.   Instead the county sued him for cutting down the trees, which was a little ridiculous because the county permit for clearing the land was nailed on the only tree he left standing.   It was on Lot #112.   Naturally he won the suit.

The county delayed approving the permit to build.   First they said he did not have enough swales, which were shallow ditches between some homes to remove backed up water when it rained.   So he had to survey the whole place over again and put in more swales.   Then they complained that the swales would wash out and he had to put stones and stuff at the end of each swale.   He finally obtained approval for occupation about a year after originally planned.   You have to guess why the county harassed him and your guess is probably right.

The first plan for the Club was for over 500 homes, a moat around the rec hall, a store and pharmacy, and a dividing wall in the middle of the rec hall.   That is why there are two air-conditioners in the building.   It never quite turned out that way.   When I-75 came through, they took away a large section of the property for the road, over 200 lots.

The committee had planned to spend $1,100,000 to develop the Club, but when the costs mounted to $1,900,000, the moat, the stores and the dividing wall were abandoned.

Originally Mr. Morey said that he would be ready to go as soon as 100 people bought lots.   They were selling at $7,000 each.   Enough lots were sold by late in 1977.   About 70% of them were by owners of lots in the RV Park.

Most people anticipated moving in during the summer of 1978, and had mobile homes bought, including me.   I sold my house up north in June, 1978, and moved my mobile home to Nokomis.   But the county had held up giving him the permit, so I had to live in my trailer in the RV Park for about ten months.   The county finally gave in and granted a permit in March of 1979.   By that time there were mobile homes parked out of the Club on Kings Way waiting for the go ahead.

The property in the Club sloped down from the north to Salt Creek.   Many truckloads of dirt were purchased to bring the elevation over 10 feet above sea level as required by law.   My memory may be way off, but I seem to remember a figure over 200 truckloads.   Mrs. Morey used to sit at the entrance to the Club for days counting the number of trucks that came in so that he would not be charged for loads that he never got.   To give you an idea of the amount of dirt brought in, my lot next to the Creek has over six feet of fill.  (Lot #63)

To be continued next week.       ---SJB

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