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Vol. XX, No. 34 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida September 1, 2007

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
Labor Day
8:00A Aerobics
8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Dup. Bridge
5:30P Potluck Dinner
7:00P Billiards (L)
7:00P Cribbage
12:30P Ceramics
1:00P Bowling
8:00A Aerobics
8:30A Water Ex
7:00P Poker(L)
7:00P Poker (M)
8:00A Aerobics
8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Scrabble
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Mtg

HEALTHLINE:   Jack Scott, 178 Princess, has been moved to Harbor Chase of Venice, 950 Pinebrook Rd.   He would like cards, prayers and visitors -- mainly visitors.   Harbor Chase is close so why not drop in to see him and keep him in your prayers.       ---Jane Haggerty,  Summer Time Health Line

SYMPATHY:   Our deepest sympathy to Margaret Craig, 179 Princess Ave, on the death of her granddaughter, Brandy Prisson who past away Sunday, August 26, 2007.   Brandy had Muscular Dystrophy for 23 years.   She was dearly loved by every one who knew her.   Many of our residents donated money to the "Brandy"  fund and the Muscular Dystrophy fund in August of '06.   Sympathy cards may be sent to:   Mr. & Mrs. Roger Reha, 8851 W. Huff Rd., Elsie, MI 48831-9455.   For many years they spent around the clock duty caring for Brandy and now she has gone to a better place but it will be hard for them to adjust.   Let us keep them in our prayers.       ---Jane Haggerty

HALLOWEEN PARTY:   Mark your calendar and be thinking of a costume for Saturday, October 27th.   If you haven't attended a KGC Halloween Party, it's a fun event and many people come in costume.   Costumes are not required, but it adds to the fun!   The musicians will be the Wan-Na-Bes, a married couple who play Oldies, Rock & Roll, and some Country at local clubs and events.   In October we'll be asking for volunteers to help with decorations, etc.   Tickets will be on sale October 13th and 20th.       ---Sandy and Chuck McIntyre

TRAVEL:   First show of the season, September 23, 2007, I Love you, You're Perfect, Now Change. Matinee show, round trip transportation, luncheon buffet with all taxes and gratuities including the bus driver,   $54.00.   This is a hilarious musical comedy.   Payment is due at this time, cash or check to Kings Gate Club Travel.   Special gift for everyone that goes on this trip!

Travel schedules are available with dates and prices, and can also be viewed on our web page,  Our January 2008 cruise has increased by a few more, we now have 88 people booked.   Check the list on travel board, you just may want to join us.
December 14th, 2007, Radio City Rockettes, Christmas Spectacular Tampa Performing Arts, pre dinner included.  We have first rows in the Mezzanine (next level over orchestra) which are excellent seats.   Wait Listed. Payment in full must be made by November lst, 2007, Cash or check to HAPPY HEART TOURS, $126.00.       Don and Mary Lou, Travel Coordinators  484-6807

KUDOS:   Each week The Venice Gondolier Sun newspaper in their Around Town section prints "One of Our Best."   A recent week read as follows:   "The special person of this week is Irene Bette.   This wonderful, foxy lady enjoys entertaining and brightening everyone's day.   She is a member of the Venice Little Theater's Silver Foxes.   When she takes center stage, everyone stops, looks and listens.   This star knows how to work an audience.   She is one of the senior celebrities in town who know what it takes to make Venice a great place to live."   Sometime ago when I complimented Irene on her lovely singing voice, she said it had been given to her by God and she wanted to use it for the enjoyment of others.   Irene, we're all proud of you and happy that you are a resident of KGC!!!       ---SJB

KINGS GATE CLUB - THE EARLY YEARS:   The following research was done by the late George McIntyre (father of Chuck McIntyre) and is titled "In The Beginning."   This goes back to the early days in Florida:

On June 1, 1881, The Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund of the state of Florida agreed to sell four million acres of land (of which the land that is now the King's Gate Club was a part of) to Hamilton Disston of Philadelphia, Pa., for one million dollars.   The land was deeded to Hamilton Disston on February 3, 1883, in the name of The Florida Land Improvement Company.   The Internal Improvement Fund had acquired title to the land, which was then part of Manatee County, under the Act of Congress known as The Swamp Act of 1850.

During the following years, there were several recorded transactions, many of which appear to have been speculative.   Several of the transactions involved the sale and resale of five-eighths, one-third and one-sixth undivided interests.   Promissory notes and mortgages were executed in the transactions.   In 1897, the State Bank of Orlando successfully instituted proceedings in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court to foreclose on the mortgages and notes it held.

In 1910, Adrian C. Honore purchased an interest in the property and subsequently The Sarasota/Venice Company, a Florida corporation, became title holder.   The next title holder was Bertha Honore Palmer, of the Chicago Palmer House fame, who built her home on part of the land which still stands at Spanish Point Park.   Bertha was the sister of Adrian C. Honore.   Upon the death of Bertha Palmer, the property was willed to several members of the family, with her sons Honore and Potter Palmer named as the Trustees.

To be continued next week ---SJB

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