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Vol. XX, No. 37 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida September 22, 2007

HEALTHLINE:   Marge Hufford, 314 Castle Dr. was in Venice Regional Medical Center on a liquid diet, for 2 days. She had a procedure because of internal bleeding, caused by her coumadin medicine.   She says it was a little scary but that all is well once more.   (Note: She is celebrating her 89th birthday today Sept. 22nd)
Betty Dowling, 196 Castle Dr. reports that her husband Tom is now in hospice and comfortable.   She requests your prayers but please NO cards at this time.
Marge Havey, 294 Ave. of Kings, reports that Pete is now in assisted living, and would love cards, and visitors.   His address is:   Jacaranda Trace, 3700 Cadbury Circle, Unit 203, Venice FL 34293.   Phone 941-492-5930.       ---Rae Burmaster, Healthline

THANK YOU to all those KGC'ers who were so generous and kind.   I received cards for quite some time and food, flowers, phone calls and many visitors.   Because of this I just want to say Thank You and I am glad I live here at KGC.       Charlene Joyce

CONDOLENCES:   Our condolences to the family of Jeannette Rylands, 324 King Arthur Dr.   She passed away on September 10, 2007.   Memorial Services will be held at a later date in Illinois.

LADIES BILLIARDS:   It is time again for the Ladies Billiards League, and the sign up sheet is posted in the Clubhouse for the full time players and substitutes.  League play starts around the first week in November.  Practice and learning continue on Monday evening at 7:00 PM until league play starts.       ---Inez Mercer

USED COMPUTERS:   If you are getting a new computer or have one you no longer want, don't forget to donate the old one to Kings Gate Club.  Depending on condition I will upgrade it and resell it to others in the club that may be in need. The profits are included in the Fair budget.   Any other computer accessories you have are most welcome also.       ---Jim Prentice 180 Princess Ave

STAINED GLASS:   Another beginner class will start Thursday, October 11th at 2:00PM in the activities room.   It is a six week class and there will be a fee of approximately $20.00 to cover class supplies.   Class size is limited to eight (8) people so sign up early.   The sign up sheet is on the Clubhouse bulletin board or contact Jessica Prentice at 488-5267 or e-mail at   Stained glass work sessions will also begin again on Tuesday October 2nd at 2:00 PM.   Everyone with stained glass experience is welcome to these sessions to work on personal projects and share ideas and knowledge with others.   Questions, contact Bob Johnson, Fran Yaros, or Jessica Prentice

IF YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF AN ON-GOING, WEEKLY / MONTHLY ACTIVITY and have not yet filled out an "Activities and Facilities Use" form for the 2007-2008 season, then your activity may NOT be included on the monthly calendars.   The first calendar of the season will be distributed the first of October.   The forms are available in the office, on a shelf below the counter.   Please put on my clip at 202 Squire Ct.       Thanks.....Mary Carpenter

VIDEO ROOM:   One new DVD:   "We Are Marshall" based on a true story.   A whole football team killed in an airplane crash.       ---Jean Ickes

SWIMMING POOL NOTICE:   Recently there have been large amounts of sand, shell and other debris in the spa and pool.   This probably comes from a trip to the beach and is carried to our pool and spa in bathing suits, toys, etc.   Please take a shower before entering these areas and clean all items of clothing and toys of anything that has been at the beach or other water spots.   Foreign materials can seriously damage our wonderful facilities.   Thank you for your cooperation.       --- Charles, KGC Manager

FLU SHOTS:   The Flu Shots will be given November 15, 2007 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.   I will be in the Hall on Saturday mornings before and after the meetings with the sign-up list.   Please sign on your house number line.  If two (2) people at your address are to have a shot, please put a 2 after your name.       ---Thank you, Eleanor Gregory

TRAVEL:   Sunday we leave on our first bus trip of the fall season, the bus should be here at 10:00 AM and we should leave no later than 10:15 AM.   We have 52 going on this first trip and should have a great time.

Thursday:   September 27th 2007, bus loading at 8:45 AM pulling out at 9:00 AM Kings Gate Time, remember to bring a sweater it's cool at the casino.   Bring a dollar bill with your name on it, you may win the bag of money.   We will leave the casino at 3:15 PM and should be back about 4:30 PM.

Thanksgiving Thursday November 22nd,   WAIT LIST   Payment in full by November 1st, 2007 or sooner.   Make checks payable to: Kings Gate Club Travel.  $65.00.   Holly Jolly Christmas leaving at 4:00 PM.

Radio City Rockettes, Friday December 14th, 2007.  WAIT LIST.  Must be paid in full by November 1st, 2007, or sooner. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO   HAPPY HEART TOURS.  NEED YOUR MENU CHOICE AT TIME OF PAYMENT.  1. London Broil, 2. Chicken Marsala,  3. Salmon with dill sauce.

Our cruise has increased again, we have 90 at the present time, we have added Ernie and Judy Auerbach.  You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well what happens on our cruise stays "on the cruise"…  JOIN IN THE FUN, WE WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU.   
 Any questions contact Don and Mary Lou, Travel Coordinators. 484-6807.

KINGS GATE CLUB - THE EARLY YEARS.   THE FAIRS AT KINGS GATE:   Last week told about the start of the Annual Fair at Kings Gate.   This event was chaired by former resident Don Moriarty.   Today we continue with the history of the Fair:
          The 1984 Fair introduced new features such as a cake walk with cakes baked by members, a 50/50 raffle, and for the first time all workers wore a straw skimmer hat which set them off as workers.   Ellie Borger, Club Treasurer, reported a gross income of $8,071.79.   All day entertainment on the stage featured organists Westbrock and Berstling, Lyrics by Lynn Olson, The Interact Club of the Venice High School with their variety show, and Andy Wright and the 23 piece Sarasota High School Stage Band which were such a hit that they were invited back for the next five Fairs and four times for other functions.
          The third Fair was held on March 30, 1985, and for the first time featured an exposition of Kings Gate members' crafts, hobby and collection show held in the game room and featured Bill Hufford's car collection, several great plate collections, and the outstanding leather collection of Bill Webb, and Bill Storz displayed his great Circus Miniature Show.   This part of the Fair was very well received and gave our members a chance to show their collections and hobbies.   Entertainment featured the Northport Ladies' Kitchen Band, Lynn Olson and The Dixieland Jazz Band.  The day was a disaster with high winds and rain until after eleven o'clock.  Much of the decorations were destroyed.  Our members and our friends from the RV Park enjoyed our Fair until it cleared off in the afternoon.  $7,260.60 was this year's gross.
          In 1986, the Fair on March 22 was first advertised by a float in the Venice St. Patrick's Day Parade, in which we won first prize for our Castle Float.  For the first time, over 4500 guests were entertained by the 18 Sarasota Jazz Ensemble, Sandy Riner as Mr. Banjo, and the one and only Ray Miller, one of our members, and his 15 piece Senior Swingers Band.  Our total for this year's effort was $15,878.00.
          This history of the KGC Fair will continue next week.       ---SJB

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