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Vol. XX, No. 38 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida September 29, 2007

HEALTHLINE:   Linda McMillan, 9 Castle Drive is at home recuperating from foot surgery and is doing quite well.   She will need to be off of her right foot for about eight weeks.   She says her husband Curt is a great care taker.   She wishes to thank everyone for the delicious meals and lovely cards.   Your cards and prayers are greatly appreciated.       ---Rae Burmaster - Healthline

THANK YOU:   Dear Kings Gaters:   It is wonderful how everyone in Kings Gate is there for each other.   I experienced a bad summer health wise but was comforted by all the get well cards, prayers, flowers and just people being there when I needed them.   And also the food that was brought to the home for my family.   I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope I can do the same for others.   Thank you for caring.       ---Virg Kureja

COMPUTER CLASSES:   We are planning a beginning computer class later on this fall.   Topics to be covered are basic computers - All operating systems up to and including vista.   Also email and web browsing to be covered.   If you know anything about computers THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.   We need to know what operating system you have win 98 - 2000 - xp or vista, and also which you prefer: morning, evening or afternoon classes.
 Sign up sheet is in the hall - If you are north either email me or phone 941-488-5267.       ---Jim Prentice

STAINED GLASS:   Another beginner class will start Thursday, October 11th at 2:00 PM in the activities room.   It is a six week class and there will be a fee of approximately $20.00 to cover class supplies.   Class size is limited to eight (8) people so sign up early.   The sign up sheet is on the Clubhouse bulletin board or contact Jessica Prentice at 488-5267 or e-mail at   Stained glass work sessions will also begin again on Tuesday October 2nd at 2:00 PM.   Everyone with stained glass experience is welcome to these sessions to work on personal projects and share ideas and knowledge with others.   Questions, contact Bob Johnson, Fran Yaros, or Jessica Prentice

SWIMMING POOL NOTICE:   Recently there have been large amounts of sand, shell and other debris in the spa and pool.   This probably comes from a trip to the beach and is carried to our pool and spa I n bathing suits, toys, etc.   Please take a shower before entering these areas and clean all items of clothing and toys of anything that has been at the beach or other water spots.   Foreign materials can seriously damage our wonderful facilities.   Thank you for your cooperation.       --- Charles, KGC Manager

FORMER RESIDENT:   Alma Esser, former resident of KGC, died on Friday, September 21, in Brainerd, Minnesota, at   the age of 98.   She and her husband, Mel, lived here for many years until they moved back to their hometown of Brainerd.   Mel passed away several years ago.   Alma will be remembered as an avid quilter and she also made dried flower note cards.   Fred and I visited her several times past summers and while she had some physical problems, she was always happy to see us and to hear news of the Club.   She will be missed by all who knew her.       ---SJB

FORMER RESIDENT:   Jo Ann Webb formerly of 7 Castle Drive had a stroke last week at her home in Ohio.   She was rushed to the hospital within the required time frame to receive immediate emergency care to prevent further complications.   She is improving and more tests were done, therefore no permanent damage was done.   She was discharged from the hospital on medications and feels weak.   Ray is doing ok and they are also doing some more testing on him.   Your prayers and cards are greatly appreciated.   Send them to 109 Shepherds Ridge, Waynesville, OH 45068.       ---Rae Burmaster

TRAVEL:   Payments due November 1st, or sooner, $65.00 cash or checks to Kings Gate Club Travel - Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, leaving at 4:00 PM Holly Jolly Christmas.  

Radio City Rockettes:   Friday December 14th, 2007, Wait Listed.   Must be paid in full by November 1st, or sooner, MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: HAPPY HEART TOURS, NEED YOUR MENU CHOICE AT TIME OF PAYMENT.   1. London Broil, 2. Chicken Marsala, 3. Salmon with dill sauce.

Any questions contact Don and Mary Lou Travel Coordinators:   484-6807

KINGS GATE CLUB - THE EARLY YEARS.   THE FAIRS AT KINGS GATE:   We continue with the history of our Annual Fair:

The fifth Fair in 1986 was the last of the five Fairs chaired by Don Moriarty.   Because of the large crowds in the hall for the entertainment, an outside stage was constructed by Eric Hazeldine and his crew, and a full day of entertainment was featured on each stage to hold the crowd as it was noticed they stayed as long as there was entertainment.   The largest crowd to date showed up and enriched the Club to the tune of $21,486.12.

$1600.00 was spent for entertainment, of which seven hours at $100.00 per hour was sold to local merchants.   A new raffle of 100 Lotto Quick Pick tickets was a big success.   Bill Markoff, who has assisted Don Moriarty, agreed to chair the next two Fairs and Don helped in the second spot.   The 1988 and the 1989 Fairs were run with the two stages, and the members' show of collections was expanded with another huge Circus Display put on by a friend of Bill Stortz, and this display was three years later presented to the Smithsonian.   His display had won many prizes across the country and he now spent his winters in Sarasota.   The Fair continued to fight bad weather in both years with all the morning entertainment being cancelled on the outside stage in 1989 because at nine o'clock in the morning there was a downpour that lasted until almost eleven.   In 1988, there were wind problems which hampered the outside sales booths and everyone tried to crowd into the hall which was so overloaded, it was almost impossible to move.   In 1988 the gross was $18,126.00, and in 1989 it was $17,500.62.

The history of the KGC Fair will continue next week.       ---SJB

THOUGHTS:   Each week I "pick up" the Newsletter from the KGC web site.   And up to now, I've just sort of taken it for granted that it would be there.   In doing some checking, I find that Sandy McIntyre puts it on the web each week.   And when she is traveling, she takes a laptop computer with her while on vacation and still puts the Newsletter on the web for us.   For those of us who are away from the Club, it is a great way for us to know what is going on down at KGC.   THANKS SO MUCH, SANDY.   And thanks are also due to Dee Hicks, Editor, who works so hard for us.   She gets the Newsletter ready and then prints it so that it can be distributed at the meeting each Saturday.   THANKS SO MUCH, DEE.  Be sure to thank these gals when you see them and let them know how much you appreciate their work.       ---SJB

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