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Vol. XX, No. 49 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida December 15, 2007

CHRISTMAS LUMINARIES:   Tis the Season! Mark your calendars.   TODAY, December 15th we will be folding luminary bags before the Saturday morning meeting.   December 22nd we will be filling and delivering the luminaries to each home after the meeting.   Volunteers are needed!   December 24th at dusk put your luminaries on the street and light them.   We will be available to assist.   Merry Christmas, Curt and Linda MacMillan

SOLO CHRISTMAS PARTY:   All singles, solo's, unattached, are invited to a party on Thursday December 20th at 5:00 p.m. in my home 322 King Arthur Dr.   Just bring yourself and a bright smile.   And please sign up in back of Hall so I will know how many of you to expect.       ---Ann Kellum

CHRISTMAS DINNER:   We will have a Christmas Dinner for KGC residents and guests on Christmas Day.   Social beginning at 1:30 p.m. and Dinner served at 2:00 p.m.   Tickets are $10.00 per person on sale Saturday morning December 15th.   Any questions call Angie Richards or Dee Hicks.

GOLF CART PARADE:   The Parade is this coming Wednesday, the 19th, at dusk.   Sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse.   Prizes are awarded and this is always a fun evening.   Refreshments in the Clubhouse after the parade.   Any questions call Fred Lewis at 484-4657.

MUSIC APPRECIATION:   December 22nd 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.   Join us in the Clubhouse for an Evening of Christmas Music featuring Andre Rieu, Handels Messiah and Libera in Concert Angel Voices.       ---Alan & Rosemary 412-3872

NEW YEARS EVE AT KGC:   Celebrate the New Year with Fun and your KGC Friends!   Monday, December 31st, 8:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.   Music by: The Kool Katz.   Tickets: $20.00 per person.   Bring: BYOB and one hors d'oeuvre per household.   Champaign & set-ups provided.   Tickets on sale Saturday mornings. &       ---Any questions call - Lorraine and Ben  484-3134.

THANK YOU:   It is in times of such sorrow that one truly realizes the kindness and support of those friends who are like family.   I appreciate the generous outpouring of love, condolences, help, food, and care shown during the days preceding and following Wayne's illness and passing.   When needed, the people of King's Gate always rally to support a fellow neighbor, and I felt so comforted by your concerns and offers of assistance.   Thank you so very much for being there for me during such a difficult time.       Love, Lucille Anderson

CONDOLENCES:   Our deepest sympathy to the family of Alice Cowden, 31 Castle Drive.   Alice passed away at Hospice in Sarasota on December 7, 2007.   Alice leaves her beloved children Robert, Nancy and Carol and two grandchildren.   Alice has lived at KGC for many years and participated in many KGC activities especially the pot-luck dinners.   Services will be held at a later date.

MEMORIAL SERVICE:   There will be a memorial service for Jim Hyde on Thursday December 20, 2007, in the Clubhouse at 11:00 a.m.   Any questions contact Jean Ickes

DICK BARTLETT:   Dick has now moved and if any of you want to drop him a line or send him a Christmas card, his address is as follows:   The Place at Maitland, 760 North Wymore Road, #B7, Maitland, FL  32751.   Know he would enjoy hearing from you.

ORCHIDS to Pat and Jim Bryson for donating a new American flag for the flag pole by the office.

LINE DANCING will be moved from Thursday December 20 to Friday December 21. Time will be at 9:30 a.m. for new and experienced beginners.       ---June McMains

BOOK CLUB:   Book Club will meet on December 17, at 1:00 p.m. in the Book & Game Room.   Sandy McIntyre will present "The Glass Castle: A Memoir" written by journalist, Jeannette Walls.  This memoir revolves around her parents, who give "bad parenting" a whole new meaning.  Her irresponsible, romantic alcoholic father was an inventor of outlandishly useless devices, and her mother, an artist, was emotionally unfit for motherhood (and/or mentally ill).  As they dragged the family around the country on the run from creditors and from one bad idea to another, they provided little care for their four children leaving them to fend for themselves much of the time.  Despite all odds, Jeannette and her siblings manage to become productive adults.  Come join us to hear about this thought-provoking book.  You're welcome to attend even if you haven't read the book.       ---Sandy McIntyre

GUIDE DOGS:   Thank you for the generous donations of cash and "Needed Kennel Items" last week.   For those interested, I have made email contact with Deidri Cumbie, the Life Partner of "KGC-Duke".   They live in Atlanta. Her reply and my email to her are for all to read in the back of the DUKE notebook.   Future correspondence will be placed there as well.   "KGC-King" will be with us for the Golf Cart Parade. You may go see our future Guide Dog "KGC-Baron" for the next two weeks at the Puppy Kennel at SEGD on weekdays (not Thursday) 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.   Thank you for your continued support.       ---Jackie and Nip

HISTORICAL FILMS:   Tuesday evening I went to the Activities Room and saw two films - one on ancient Rome and the other on commercial fishing.   Both proved to be very interesting.   Wren McMains works hard to set this up each Tuesday evening in the Activities Room.   Usually two films are shown and last about 1-3/4 hours.   Time to start is 7:30 p.m.   You'll enjoy your time there.

KGC REALTY:   The KGC Realty staff can show you any house in our Club, whether it is listed by KGR or another Real Estate Company.   Please call us.   We will be happy to assist you with any real estate in our Club.       ---Cheryl and Judy


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 7 76.5 49.5
2 6 69.5 56.5
3 1 64.5 61.5
4 2 64 62
5 4 63.5 62.5
6 5 62.5 63.5
7 3 57 69
8 8 46.5 79.5

Monday December 17 Team #4 makes courts ready. Order of play Y-Y-B.       ---Ralph Garver


Bowler High Game   High Series
Fred Carbone 185 538
Mary Ann Lyford - 467
Helen Tebbets 170 451
Kerrie Morawa 182 465

On December 18th, there will be a special Christmas Cash Singles event; 3 men and 3 women winners, total pins including handicap.       ---Don Fisher

GOLF:   Due to the holidays and the small number signing up for the Monday Mixed Scramble, the contest will be suspended until January 7, 2008.       ---Dick Madden

TRAVEL:   A group of 55 enjoyed the Rockettes at Tampa Bay on Friday the l4th of December, I think everyone had a great time, thanks to everyone that attended.
Cruise documents:   Anyone that needs help, Mary Lou will be available on the l8th and l9th of December at 484-6807, call and set up a time on those dates.   You should have your e-ticket when boarding the ship.   Document Party January 4th, 2008, 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse.
Jersey Boys...we have a few reservations still open for March 1st, 2008, so if you're interested please sign up and make your checks payable to Happy Heart Tours.  $156.00
Guys and Dolls February 10th, 2008, we need names on the wait list.  $60.00
Anything Goes March 2, 2008, wait listed, but reservations do open up. $60.00
Travel coordinators, Don and Mary Lou Richmond 484-6807, Travel Committee, John and Sandy Eade 484-4440

A RESIDENT REMINISCES:   RAE BURMASTER.   This week we interviewed Rae Burmaster.   Rae and her husband, Art, have owned their home at 222 Princess Ave. since March, 1998.   They moved into their home in 2000.   They winter here and are at KGC at least six months of the year.   Rae said they used to vacation on the east coast of Florida, then came to the west coast, felt this was where they wanted to live, and purchased their home here.

Rae and Art have been married since 1959.   They have one son and two beautiful grandchildren, Christopher (5) and Caroline (3).

Rae is a graduate of St. Elizabeth College of Nursing.   She is also a graduate of State University of New York with a B.S. in Nursing, and of New School College in New York City with a M.S. in Health Care Administration/Management.   She says she works part-time in the summer when they are up north as a Nursing Supervisor in a nursing home.   Down here she is a volunteer as the Venice Regional Medical Center.

She has served five years on the Round Table Committee (about 4-1/2 years as Secretary) and says she has thoroughly enjoyed being on the RTC.   She decided to run for the Board of Directors this year because she felt the Board needed to have a woman's voice in decisions.   She will become a member of the Board in 2008.

Rae is very active in the Club.   She has served on many Round Table Committees, is currently Co-Chair of Safety (with her husband Art), is Captain of a shuffleboard team, serves as Healthline Chair, is donut and pastry person for Saturday morning meetings, is past Co-Chair of the Dinner Club, and was a member of the Budget Committee for 2006-2007.

Other activities include being Treasurer for St. Elizabeth College of Nursing (for the past 20 years), is an Ombudsman for Madison County in N.Y. state, is Vice-President of Eatonbrook Lake Assn., is on the U.S. Citizens Corp., has served on many community health boards, and as coordinator of a very large mental health clinic, is coordinator of the Crisis Residence of Oneida County, and has worked in many R.N. related areas.

I asked Rae what she particularly likes about KGC.   She instantly said "the people".   She says they are friendly, always willing to lend a helping hand, and are always there when needed.

Rae is always smiling and enthusiastic, and this is contagious.   We are so happy that Rae and Art are residents of the Club.   (And, of course, thanks for all the work they have done - and are doing - for the Club).       ---SJB

THOUGHTS:  Be sure you drive around the Club after dark.  It really puts one into a festive holiday mood as there are so many beautifully decorated homes, as well as the entrance to the Club and the area around the swimming pool.  It is all there for OUR enjoyment.       ---SJB

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